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Title: South Wales Run 5th June
Post by: Species MPS Aero on May 18, 2011, 06:38:44 PM
Hey all On June 5th myself and a few friends are organizing a run. The meet will be about 10ish on the 'horseshoe bend' on the A470 (between Merthyr Tydfil and Brecon) then we will be taking run through South/Mid Wales. If anyone is interested in tagging along please let me know

This is the list so far:-
4)Rob-350Z Nismo
5)Ken-E36 M3 Evo
6)Robert-E36 328iS
8)Zen-E38 740i
9)Dave J - Caterham Superlight
10)Kirk - VX220Turbo
11)Che - 3MPS
12)Tom - MX5
13)Stephan-Evo8 (500hp)
14)Ceri-Evo8 (700hp)
15)Evil.soup WRX
16)Nick - Boxster S
17)sam- ep3 type r (poppin my cherry)
18)Mike P - Pontiac G8 GT
19)Andy-Impreza WRX(blobeye)
20)Jon-E90 M3
21) The rocketman - Z4
22) kazino - 996 TT
23) Chris - Cup'd 197RS
Title: Re: South Wales Run 5th June
Post by: neil2112 on May 30, 2011, 05:15:43 PM
Some great cars there - 996 GT3 should be good on those roads :D

Would like to but the cost of fuel is just insane at the mo :-[
Title: Re: South Wales Run 5th June
Post by: Species MPS Aero on May 31, 2011, 08:54:13 PM
most of the porka's have dropped out due to another event going on, shame you can not make it down neil. We do have a few coming from Bristol and even one coming from Essex so it should be fun

here's the latest list of cars :-

1) Danny-C2VTS
2) Peter-RX-8
3) Kelvin-VX220Turbo
4) Rob-350Z Nismo
5) Ken-E36 M3 Evo
6) Robert-E36 328iS
7) David-205GTi6
8) Zen-E38 740i
9) Dave J - Caterham Superlight
10) Che - 3MPS
11) Tom - MX5
12) Stephan-Evo8 (500hp)
13) Ceri-Evo8 (700hp)
14) Evil.soup WRX (Im in at the moment but may have to back out, fingers crossed!!)
15) Nick - Boxster S
16) sam- ep3 type r (poppin my cherry)
17) Mike P - Pontiac G8 GT
18) Andy-Impreza WRX(blobeye)
19) Jon-E90 M3
20) The rocketman - Z4
21) kazino - 996 TT
22) Chris - Cup'd 197RS (Won't go out on the pop the night before this time)
23) Zoe-Gallardo
24) pwd95-TVR Chimaera 430 (weather permitting)
25) Ollie-Z4M
26) Calvin-Subaru STI
27) thenortherner - EP3 Type R
28) benjiegsi - Vauxhall Nova GSi
29) plenty - car
30) beeblebrox - MX-5
31) mei - TVR Chimaera (weather permitting)
32)Terry-Alfa Romeo 8Competizione(fingers crossedyes)
33) Mat - Clio 182
34) mark - monaro vxr
35) effkay - Alfa 145 Cloverleaf

Title: Re: South Wales Run 5th June
Post by: neil2112 on June 02, 2011, 06:11:39 PM
That'll be the national independent Porsche show at Hatton. I'll prob pop along myself as I love Porkers.

It used to be held at Gaydon Motor Museum and cost £12 to get in although that included access to the museum. It's free this year,venue is Hatton Country World just north of Warwick.

Got to sit in a GT2 last year - awesome car.

I'll be in the Ogwen Valley,Snowdonia on Saturday doing the loop over Carnedd Llewelyn. First walk of the year what with work and the crappy weather the past few weekends.