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Ok guys -

A front forum plate will cost £15 delivered.

The costs are broken up as follows.

Orders over 5 plates are £10 + £5.99 postage to a single address.

I will then need to post them out to each buyer and I dont want to get my fingers burned and end up paying extra.

These will be high quality as they are from the same company that makes all my other plates. Demon Grafix.

The logoi will be of HQ format, and the web site banner in the correct font.

If we do not have over 5 plates the price rises to £15 per plate + postage.

My other supplier quoted £30 so that is ruled out.

Let me know what you think.

Based on the original idea with the forum web site underneath in the correct font

But in a number plate format like this

Only better quality  ;D

1. onasio
2. Scrappy
3. mikey3312

So seen as though Japfest is slowly creeping upon us, i thought id bring this topic back up

We need 5 people to get a cheap order and i know there is more than that going to japfest. Anyone else wanna get a show plate???


--- Quote from: mikey3312 on February 01, 2010, 10:06:26 PM ---1. onasio
2. Scrappy
3. mikey3312
4. Ben_MPS

--- End quote ---

I reckon it'll also be a nice thing to keep once I get rid of the car.


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