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I have been talking to someone at CP-E about trying to sort out a group buy.

They said that something would be able to be sorted out, the only thing with this is the shipment would be shipped to one persons address in England and then it would be upto them to send the parts out. Im not totally sure on what tax, duties would be involved.

The parts they said could be offered were:

3 MPS Rear Engine Mount
Turbo inlet pipe
3 Gauge Pod
Xcel Nano.

Im sure they would be happy to do it for parts from the 6 MPS also like the rear engine mount.

Please let me know if people are intrested in this.

At the moment in time I have no prices or discounts for each item.

Once people reply I can let them now how many people are intrested and in what products.

sdg 3mps:
I'd be up for the engine mount and gauge pod O0

Would HIGHLY depend on price...i need to replace this rear mount before it goes.

Right the prices are not deffo set.

Gauge pod (3-Gauges) $126.00
Rear Engine mount $139.00 (if enough intrest then can knock maybe another 10% off)

3 MPS Rear Engine Mount
Turbo inlet pipe
Xcel Nano.

For me


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