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Trico Neoform Beam Blade Wipers Group Buy

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Hi All

We have been stocking Trico Neoform wiper blades for a little while now and we have had great feedback from customers as well as most of the staff here, even our families are using them because they are so good. Everyone has reported that they are the best wipers they have ever used. They aren’t cheap though. Well, not from anyone else. Even on Ebay they are £30+ a set and main dealers are charging silly prices (£25+ a blade).

More info on them here

We would like to offer you a group buy discount on these, with the discount increasing for the number of people signing up. Remember, the discounts shown below are in addition to your normal 10% and we are already the cheapest I have found.

10 people = Additional 10%

20 people = Additional 20%

So if we can get over 20 of you interested that’s 30% off retail!!

As an example, according to Trico's product finder, a 2004 Mazda 3 will need a NF536 and a NF456

They are £20.24 to the public, £18.21 to you normally and hopefully £14.56 with the group buy discount.

The link below will find the right blade for any other cars you have. If the reference is for an EF and not an NF, you can just pick an NF with the same number. 

Or you can use our product finder and find them under 'Other Products for your Car'

If you have a spare five minutes, the most accurate way to pick what you need is to measure the ones on your car.

I’ll leave this group buy open for a week and then give you a discount code which will give you the relevant discount. Unfortunately, you will need to pay postage.

Happy shopping

Cheers Team.

just bought bloomin blades 2 days ago! DOH!

sdg 3mps:
WOW :o thanks for thinking of us  ;D I'm not in need of some yet,but i'll keep you in mind  ;)

I definately need some new blades! I'm planning on ordering 2 sets, can I count as 2 people?

For this, yes we can count you as two, but don't tell a psychiatrist


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