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Shifter Base Bushings - Improve shifter feel


Hi everyone,

I am buying some TWM shift bushings from the US and just thought I would check if anyone else wanted a set.  Whilst not really a group buy as such, combined shipping will make these a real cheap and easy mod that has a significant effect.  They cost approx $35 a set - read more info below:

TWM Performance shifter base bushing kits are designed to remove the vague or mushy feeling that plagues many stock shifters.

All shift assemblies found on cable actuated transmissions are mounted to the floor pan using thick, rubber bushings. During shifting these bushings flex and deform with the movement of the assembly. This flexing is translated directly to the shifter itself resulting in an imprecise or vague feeling while shifting.

TWM Performance shifter base bushings replace these rubber bushings creating a direct contact point between the floor pan and the shift assembly resulting in a far more precise, solid shift feel. These bushings are a fantastic way to improve your shifter at a very low cost. All kits are CNC machined using strict tolerances to ensure a "better than stock" fit and the highest level of performance possible. They also include all necessary hardware needed for installation and a detailed instruction manual.

For more details, read here:

I will be ordering mine in a few days, so if you are interested send me a PM and I'll get it sorted.



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