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Possible issue with 6 month old battery
« on: January 05, 2021, 06:38:19 PM »
I just (in the nick of time) had my car serviced and MOTed yesterday - it passed the MOT (to keep the winning streak going another year), however the service brought up a potential issue with the Bosch battery the RAC fitted last summer when the 4-5 year old Mazda one failed when the first lockdown was lifted.  The printout said that whilst the battery had a decent amount of charge, the 'state of health' test said it was 'poor', having about 480A of the 630A cranking amount available.  The chap at the dealership said that the 'condition' and charge are not always linked.

They said I could get the RAC to check it and replace the battery if it was under warranty (it is, 4 years), but would I have to pay the RAC to check it, assuming (especially at the moment) they'd come out for a non-emergency call at all?  What would happen if their test said it passed, especially if thet indicated I'd have to pay for the call-out if the test said the battery was fine?  The weird thing was that because the patrolman couldn't access any 'standard' spec batteries (my previous Mazda ones were only in the 550A range or similar), he installed the more powerful Bosch one.  It could've been that the depot he used to get the replacement had it sitting around for ages on a shelf - who knows?

I don't particularly want to wait until the battery dies when I really need to use the car.  If you recommend calling them out, should I do so after giving it a run-out or when it has been left for up to a week (as normal)?  Any thoughts on what I should do next, if anything?

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Possible issue with 6 month old battery
« on: January 05, 2021, 06:38:19 PM »