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Re: Dreaming of a mazda 3 MPS
« Reply #15 on: September 28, 2011, 01:16:11 PM »
 you can tax a 25 ton 4-axle truck cheaper than a Mk1 MPS!!
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Re: Dreaming of a mazda 3 MPS
« Reply #16 on: September 28, 2011, 03:50:22 PM »
my worry about taxing by mileage is from a business point of view, many small and medium size business will be hit hard by this, from my point of view working in a takeaway that is 30 min drive from any of our suppliers, we still need to buy stock ourselves as and when we need it - after all its fresh fopod we're talking about - our wholesalers service a large area and they have set days of when they deliver to certain places, thats why we still need to get stuff ourselves.

businesses in rural areas depend on being able to drive around themselves, its not just the reps and repmobiles

the government and councils go on about "park and ride" and pedestrianising town/city centres, or congestion charging - but the transport system is a mess, there is no clarity and frankly last time i used any, buses and trains are dirty/full of litter, and the trains have that sticky carpet (i don't know where they all seem to get it from)... is it any wonder i prefer to drive?  I can go to the places where i want to go, in air-conned air/open windowed air, heated seats when its cold etc etc, and then i don't have to lug the shopping around....

they do the whole pedestrianising so well, that come 5pm, there is a mass exodus from Newcastle city centre to go over to Metro Centre... why? because in the past they ramped up car parking charges so much that everyone went to where the free parking is... so whats happened now? Newcastle is doing an "alive after five" campaign to try and encourage people to stay in town, and surprise surprise, they are doing free parking in the evning!!!  do you thinbk maybe they realise they went too far and newcastle city centre has been suffereing for it - Short sighted

but in my own town they periodically go on about pedestrianising it too - its a "MARKET TOWN" it needs traffic to be in its centre to have business.  Peoiple who get the bus only stay to shop on the main street and the over shopping street, the don't go as far as the market place or anywhere else, becasue they don't want to walk that far... people have said to me as much, they moved to the area been there for five years and only just discovered our street!!!  I see so many old people driving and you got to question why they drive when they could use public transport when its free for them...  I really don't know who they consult

i know i've taken it further away from talk about road tax, but road tax is just one element of our transport problems... people still want to drive because of the freedom, they don't want to use public transport because its a mess in more ways than one, and if there is something that you really want you'll find a way to get it

i personally couldn't buy the mk1 mps parlty because of the tax, but getting the mark2 was an easy decision bearing in mind what the 2 litre sprt cost in tax.

its the same withy alcohol, it doesn't matter how much theyset a unit price at (if they do), people will still buy it because they still want to get legless

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Re: Dreaming of a mazda 3 MPS
« Reply #17 on: September 28, 2011, 05:17:51 PM »
Yep, I agree that you might need to help businesses out with this if tax were put on fuel but there are many ways they could do that, including retaining road tax for trade vehicles. 

Also, on alternatives I think the train is a viable option for city-to-city transport in the UK but after that it gets tricky as the services tend to be infrequent and as you say, difficult to work out if you're new to it.

The death of the High Street is talked about a lot, but I agree with you - quite a lot of it can be put down to exhorbitant parking charges.  We stopped in a small Devon town the other day to have a look around - 20p for the first hour parking which was great.  Having had a look round we decided to stay, but you weren't allowed to add to your stay and 2 hours was something like £1.50!  To add insult to injury this was the only car park in town.  We stayed anyway, had lunch and took the risk but local businesses would have lost £50 of business because of the council if we had decided to go.

Finally back to the tax thing - I think it's worth pointing out that tax was 'only' £300 when I bought my Mk1 in Feb 2008.  It's what they've done in recent years that makes it so unfair.
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Re: Dreaming of a mazda 3 MPS
« Reply #17 on: September 28, 2011, 05:17:51 PM »