Author Topic: HOW TO: Fit clear fog lens on Mazda 3 Hatchback  (Read 23919 times)

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HOW TO: Fit clear fog lens on Mazda 3 Hatchback
« on: July 17, 2010, 10:57:51 PM »
How to fit replace your existing red fog light lens with a nice clear one  ;D

First off you will need the following:

One replacement lens
One size 10 spanner
One RED W21W / 7440 Wedge bulb. I went for an LED bulb.

You can get the clear lens from a variety of locations:
Japan Parts
You can also get them from continental European eBay sellers such as

The clear LED bulb is also easy on eBay. Just search for RED w21w or 7440 wedge bulbs. LED bulbs have an advantage that they do not look as red as filament bulbs. Though I suspect you could get a red coloured filament bulb and silver the end to reduce the redness.

Once you have all the parts it's time to start the change.
(1) Open the boot and locate the access hatch on the right hand side

(2) use your finger to open the hatch

(3) You should now see the back side of the lens
Note that there are TWO bolts

(4) Remove the bulb and bulb assembly by twisting anti-clockwise. The bulb should now be out of the way

(5) Using the spanner loosen the two bolts and remove by hand or continue using the spanner

(6) Once you have removed BOTH bolts and the plastic retainers the whole lens should now be loose. You may need to press upwards and outwards from within the hatch to loosen the lens.

(7) Remove the lens by lifting from the left hand side. The lens is clipped over the boot at the right hand side

(8) Ta da! You should now have completely removed the RED lens.

(9) Loosen, but do not remove the two bolts on the new CLEAR lens. Start by clipping the CLEAR lens onto the boot on the right hand side. There are two tabs that hook over the metal

(10) Once you have clipped it over push down and the lens should loosely clip into place

(11) Using the spanner tighten up the two bolts to secure the lens in place

(12) Replace the bulb with your new RED bulb (led or otherwise)

(13) Replace the hatch cover and you're done

(14) Enjoy!

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Re: HOW TO: Fit clear fog lens on Mazda 3 Hatchback
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Re: HOW TO: Fit clear fog lens on Mazda 3 Hatchback
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