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coloured car wax for colour code A28


I have a few small scratches on my cars bodywork. Normally I'd get a coloured car wax and try to conceal the mark, however my paint is metallic. Where would I get a suitable coloured car wax to conceal minor scratches?
I know my mazda paint code but can't find anywhere that can help me find what I need.
Anyone here found a good source for this kind of thing?

IF they are light scratches, somehting like Autoglym Super Resin Polish might help. it has stuff in it to "fill" fine scratches and make them less noticable. Not colour specific. Top it off with some Autoglym EGP to finish it off.

them coloured waxes r no good. the thing with scratchs is that u see the dirt in them, so clean it really well with some pre paint wipe, and it will look better, then just use a cuttin pate by hand to remove the scratch. and then just wax over the top

Coloured waxes and 'chip sticks' are gimiks really and as above are poo pants.

I am about to buy this kit. You can select the relevant paint. Will let you know how i get on.

Be good to know where to get things to even out scratches and chips without going for a full on spray job.
Let me know how you get on with that paint.


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