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Should door panels be this weak?


I'm not so pleased with my 3 as when I first got it.  True, it drives well (except on snow & ice!).  But the bodywork seems so flimsy.  The other day I was assisting a passenger with walking difficulties into the front seat.  For stability, I leaned my bum against the rear door and felt something give....the door, not me!  At the time, I assumed that the panel had just pressed in slightly and popped back out as soon as the pressure was taken off.

But when I checked it afterwards, I was horrified to see a permanent distortion of the door panel.  Not really a dent, but a distinct variation in the shape of the curved surface.  The horizontal fold about 200mm below the window has a kink in it, which I think is the reason the panel cannot recover its original shape; the metal has been slightly stretched.  I am disgusted to find that the metal is so thin and weak that it can be damaged just by leaning on it.  I only weigh 11 stone!

I don't suppose the warranty would cover this?  Presumably it would be counted as accidental damage!

any pictures!


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I don't think it would show up in a photo, Mike.  As I said, it's a subtle change of curvature rather than a dent, but annoying nevertheless.  You see it when looking along the side of the car from the front or rear end, and the distorted reflection makes it more obvious.


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