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hey all crackin. Website jus a lil question bought my 3 2 weeks ago an jus got a call from the body shop sayin mazda are recallin 3s wid my trim (05 3 sport) an said they need it for around 5 days to fit an paint a few new panels has ny one else had this cheers guys :)

K13 RFF:
iv got a mazda 3 sport on a "07" not had anything off mazda yet  :-\

I've heard there was a quality issue with the steel used in 05 leading to premature corrosion problems.

I have a 2005 model mazda 3 2.0L sport on a '06' plate.

Should I speak to my dealer?

spoke to mazda today it is an issue with the rear wheel arches an premature corrosion they say they will need my car for bout 5 days to sort the problem out properly so i would prob jus give them a ring and find out if it affects urs


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