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hey all

I have a large paint chip on my bonnet, its a little larger than a 5p piece and has a really clean edge.  The paint and undercoat has came off straight down to the metal. 

Has anyone had anything similar and whats the best line of action of getting it repaired any suggested for vendors ie halfords etc

pics attached

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No halfords products will clear that up dude! That is impressive. Yuo need a professional job. To be honest that is probably too bbig for chips away and the like as well. I had chips away do some work on my VRS that had gone to the metal and it looked pants. They are good for scratches and small chips but that needs a bodyshop spray imo.

Hi  ;D

That is a BIG stonechip....I agree with stuno looks like a respray job due to size and depth of the chip, however I would try to cover the meatal up with some undercoat to keep the rust out unless you are going to get it repaired really soon.

Chips away and the like are good at small stuff but they will proberbly not want to do such a large area, you could always try them as it costs nothing for an estimate!! I tried to get them to fix a large scratch on a rear bumper and the guy just did'nt want to know.

What hit you a brick? ;D

that should not be a problem for any good s.m.a.r.t repair guy. your lucky it is where it is on the panel, ie not bang in the middle also your colour is good for blending. there are special fillers used so that the area does not have to be sanded down as much keeping the repair nice and small

Should have mentioned in the first post, when I first seen it it looked like uneven paint then when I touched it the paint just flaked away. Due to the size and the clean edge I was thinking it might be a paint defect?


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