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Sorry to hear you didn't have much luck either, quite disappointing. I don't think being observant when you buy a car makes any difference in this case, it might have been perfectly fine when you bought it but then started corroding a few months later, mine were brand new and still starting "going" within about 18 months, in my opinion simply defective, not fit for purpose etc.

I would imagine it would be better if we contact Watchdog etc separately as they probably count individual complaints and not worth investigating until they get a certain number.

Does anyone know exactly how much a new set of wheels cost?

our 3 is just (just) over 1 year old, she's covered just over 6000 miles and the fronts have started to bubble a little.  we got barnetts mazda (in dundee) to check them while the car was in for her first service and just got a fone call to say the mazda have approved the 2 fronts (no bubbling on the rear (yet)). took about a week from service (where they took pics) to the fone call this morning.

which is good as the fronts are kerbed ( the misses just passing her test + high kerbs at her mothers = kerbed wheel in less than 500 miles)


Aphex 140:
submitted complaint on watch dog website - takes 5 minutes advise everyone else to do the same

... and another one admitted here. This was my post:

bought a used x demo mazda3 from my local
mazda dealer, the alloy wheels started
corroding/blistering 7 months after purchasing
and were replaced under warranty, 11 months
later the new set started corroding and were
duly replaced, my cars warranty expired in
January 2008 so in decenber 2007 when the third
set of alloy road wheels started showing signs
of corroding mazda once again replaced the road
wheels. Now my car is out of warranty mazda want
£100 per wheel plus vat plus fitting? or to have
my wheels referbished for slightly less, I have just
spoken to my local dealer who has admitted that
mazda have a known problem with the wheels, as this
problem is common mazda should not be charging
for replacement road wheels.

Picked my 56 reg MPS up from Hodgsons in Newcastle at lunchtime
after having my 4 alloys replaced under warranty.
Pleased that they did it - pity they are such low quality though.

Less pleased that they felt the need to do 7 miles in it though.
Asked the workshop foreman why it had done 7 miles & he
squirmed like mad. Then said,
"Well it will have been road tested"
I said,
He said to check that the wheels are balanced properly.
My son was with me & said,
"Come off it, the balancing machine checks them to within a tenth of a gram"

I just know someone has been out for a play in it.
I actually said to my son that I thought there was something up as
they seemed very awkward the instant I turned up - then I got in the car
& saw the extra miles.

Also - when I dropped it off, the fuel light was on & the range said 15 miles left.
When I got in after the wheels were fitted - the range said zero - so they were 7 hard miles.
Was it warmed up properly? - twats - I'm foaming with them.

I told the foreman to put a note on the computer to say,
"Don't road test this car"

I told him that I'll road test it in future, & if theres anything wrong I'll let them know.

What do you lot think?
Am I being too fussy about this?
Any one of you lot had a similar experience?


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