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Please add your least preffered dealerships here.

Hodgson Mazda, silverlink, Newcastle upon Tyne
When i got my used Mazda3 it was filthy inside and I mean embarrassingly so, I was also told the warranty was up to date but on closer look because the previous owner was a couple of months out on the service date the paint warranty was invalid! I was also told there was £18 of petrol in the tank, I got 65 miles so obviously about £7 was put in. I get 165 for £20.

I was sent a form to ask what i though and i said what i found the problems to be,but nothing so far has been done after 3 months.

I won't be going back there thats for sure.


i used to get approximately 170 or more for 20£ initially.. thats when i was doing good boy on the motorway.. now i burn abt 25 to 30 £ petrol for the same route... talkin abt dealership:: HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED is Waters Mazda.. lol. i think i stated my problems with them somewhere in a thread in this forum.. i currently have complaint against them which i reported to the head office, (if i am not wrong) somewhere in dartford.. they r soooo Crap Crapper and Crappest  O0 O0 ..
(if any terrorist is reading this, contact me and we'll bomb them loll) ..
(if a copper is reading this, its not me who wrote this)...hahha
thats the only dealer ive been to so far.. havent have the need to go to another one yet, bt next time ill pop in to potters bar mazda, and see...

Our local dealer is Vospers in Truro.  We found them very expensive and don't give you much room to haggle.  That's why we went all the way to Mansfield to get our Sport.  We tried a few 3's out there using the same salesman - almost did a deal on a Blue Sport but the salesman didn't bother to ring us back.  Their loss!

Adey, did you get your MPS from them (Exeter branch)? 

Adey got his from Torquay i believe, but me however did get my MPS from them in Exeter.

I find the salesman side of things at Exeter very good, ringing back when they say they will, and the one I dealt with was brilliant, Jason, he did loads for me, always keeping me up to date.

The service side of things at Exeter i find crap. When i had the recall, they never bothered to ring back to let me know anything and to book it in. Also when the car goes in, as Adey has found out as well, a rather large number of miles appears on the clock!

Taunton however I have found the complete opposite.. Sales are crap, they lost out on selling me the MPS as they were so crap, But the service has improved leaps and bounds. Old Clive on reception there is great, they have adopted the mazda calendar system for service (which they hadn't before and hence i wouldn't use them before) and managed to get me in for my service the next day recently. And no misterious mileage add ons.


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