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SDM mazda Falkirk. ie (square deal motors) Family owned dealership. all the guys here are brilliant. oh yeah and it has its own top notch bodyshop as well

Just thought I'd write on here to mention the exceptional Service received from Donalds Garage Peterborough. I live on the outskirts and noticed my MPS was approaching 12,500 miles and would need a service soon.
I contacted my local service team at Donalds Garage and within 10 minutes they had it all booked in, with a courtesy car and was told that it would be ready for 1pm to collect.
Sure enough, the day I dropped it off, the Service team had identified who I was before I'd walked through the doors and had all my paperwork at hand ready. I collected my Courtesy Car, completed my rounds to the shops, and as I was finishing I received my phone call before 1pm to let me know my car was all ready for collection.
I was utterly impressed with my local Service Team at Donalds, and would like to recommend to recommend for any Mazda owners to use this Dealership.


Totally agree Top people

And welcome to the community

MPS3BOY  PM sent

That is good to hear about the Peterborough dealership.  The car I am getting was originally purchased from there and all it's service history is from there too.  Pity it is a 6 hour round trip or else I would use it!!!  ::)


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