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*HOW TO* Remove Centre Console
« on: August 04, 2008, 06:33:52 PM »
Here is a quick how to for removing the centre console.  This allows you to access the radio, change some bulbs and generaly poke around inside the centre console.  Hope it helps someone:

1:  Open the glovebox and locate a dip under the glossy trim.  Put your fingers under and gently peel away.  The trim will pop off - work your way down to the steering wheel.  The last clip is tricky but simply gently yet firmly pull away and it will come.

2:  Open the storage area and lift the plastic overhang.  The rear portion of the centre console will peel away over the handbrake.

3:  Lift where you see my fingers then pull up and back to remover the plastic gearshift surround.

4:  Undo the two screws and put them somewhere safe.  Place your hands into the ashtray area and firmly/gently pull outwards to remove this section.

5:  Undo the two screws at the top.  Hold the radio unit like I am gently pull the stereo out whilst lightly wiggleing side to side if it gets stuck.  Take care of the LCD screen!

6:  Undo the two screws under the aircon controls to remove it.  You also need to put your hand in the dash and press the clip connectors on the sides (shown below) to release this part.

Thats it!  You should have all the parts removed now and ready to install a short shifter or ipod radio cable!

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Re: *HOW TO* Remove Centre Console
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2010, 01:15:25 PM »
Great walkthrough. Had a go to have a bit of a poke around back there with a friend and he just stood gobsmacked at how I could strip it in a couple of minutes  :D
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Re: *HOW TO* Remove Centre Console
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