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Headed out Bank holiday, parked our car and took our grandson to the nearby park.

Came back to our car and noticed a  450 cm long chalk mark along the driver door.

 Except it wasn’t a chalk mark it was a deep scratch into the pristine Soul Red paintwork on our 2017 Mazda 3 Sport Nav.

The genuine Mazda Soul Red touch up base coat and tinted clear coat isn’t very good at disguising a pin point chip in the paint finish let alone a long deep scrape through to the undercoat.

Our soul red paint finish is the original one and not the latest “crystal super finish soul red”.

Can anyone advise me if there may be problems when I get the door professionally resprayed.

My partner has the same car and she had a bumper mishap last year resulting in a re-paint. I think a reputable body shop would be able to sort it without problems as we had the same concerns as you beforehand. If you can, try and find a body shop who does work for Mazda dealerships in the first instance as they do use independent ones nearby usually.

Thanks that gives me some confidence.

We have a local body repairer and paintshop who carries out repair work for insurance companies such as LV.

I have had work carried out with them before so if it is possible to get a match, as you have been able to do, then I believe they too can.

Only problem is they are so busy that I may have to wait.

In the meantime I have sealed the damage by applying two coats of Mazda Soul red (41v) base coat & 2 coats of tinted clear coat along the length of the deep scratch

There's a specific number of paint layers and lacquering required on the Mazda paint to get it to match. I can't remember the exact number but most professional re-sprayers would know this. The bloke who sorted out our car knew the exact method to get it right as we had the conversation beforehand. It was about that as much as getting the right paint mix from what he told us. I know what you're saying about wait times for repair though as we had issues near us. Good luck. 

The local body repairer I used before was too busy with insurance repairs for any private work but he recommended another accident repairer some 30 miles away who were able to oblige.

Had the scratched door paintwork repaired over 4 days last week along with self inflicted scoring in a small area in the outer corner of the bumper

I believe that respray area went further than the damage to the drivers door taking in some of the front wing and rear passenger door. I assume this aids the blend in of what I understand to be a challenging paint colour to get right.  Expensive!

Couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Perfect colour and “sparkle” match. Car like new again.

The car was returned to us clean and I was told it had been polished & waxed, but would appreciate some opinion as to how long I should wait before claying and waxing a new paint finish?


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