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Hello all! New Mazda 3 Tamura Owner. Potential MPG issue?
« on: May 25, 2019, 12:07:42 PM »
Hi there!

My names Kurt and I’ve just bought a 2012 Mazda 3 1.6 Diesel Tamura in Crystal White Pearl!
She’s only got 47,000 miles and has full Mazda service history upto 2017 and has just been serviced by the dealer I bought it from also!

I’ve always had Japanese cars, mainly Hondas a few years ago, I currently now own a Nissan Skyline GTST R33 that barely gets used and just sits in the garage and ofcourse the lovely new Mazda!

I will upload some pictures of it later today hopefully!

Loving the 3 so far but one of the reasons I wanted the car was due to the great MPG figures (from memory 60s mixed and mid 70s motorway). Now from the onscreen computer I’m averaging at 45MPG and I do 80 mile daily commute which is 80% motorway at around 70MPH so ideally should be getting the best out of it? I know the earlier 3’s had a different 6th gear ratio so we’re not as good for MPG but one of the benefits of the facelift was the improved MPG haha.

Now I’m wondering if due to the low mileage it has just been driven short trips etc and therefore may just need a good run but I have done a weeks worth of driving and no improvement. I do not know a thing about these cars so any help is greatly appreciated!

Could the DPF be clogged? What is everyone getting out of there 1.6 diesels?

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Re: Hello all! New Mazda 3 Tamura Owner. Potential MPG issue?
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2019, 11:05:27 AM »
It is possibly not that far off. Certainly don't expect anything like the 'official' MPG. Those are based on artificial conditions and do not reflect the real-world in the slightest. The Honest John web site has a 'real mpg' section for most makes and models of car where a wide range and number of owners have submitted their averages. The average recorded there for the 1.6d 2009 - 2013 is currently 49.4 ( so not wildly different from what your display is reporting, bearing in mind it is an average from people's different driving styles and contexts (location, types of roads, purpose of usage, number of passengers, how much additional weight they keep in the car and so forth). It is probably worth doing some brim-to-brim checks over the next few weeks to see how closely your display is mirroring reality. They are rarely dead accurate and mine tends to report 3-4mpg higher than my actual usage. Yours may be doing likewise or it may be under-reporting.

There is also a fuel economy thread on this site at Beware, it is 55 pages long and covers all flavours and vintages of Mazda3 but I imagine there will be entries from other 1.6 diesel owners of that vintage.

That said, 45mpg does still seem a little low for mainly motorway miles at a steady 70 at this time of year (the temperature and wet vs dry roads can have a surprising impact on fuel economy). Mine has been getting mid to high fifties - based on brim-to-brim readings - for the past few weeks (it drops to high forties/very low fifties over winter). I only do about 21 miles each way, though, and about a third of that is a steady 50mph dual carriageway speed limit. I also tend to hover a little under 70 on the speedo, which is probably about 65mph in reality, where the national limit applies. I do tend to focus on economy over speed. It is hard to know what to advise you to try. If it is a 2012 model (your signature states 2016?) then it has averaged 6-7k per year, which is a fairly low for a diesel and may mean the DPF has clogged up a little. I would have thought that your commute would have cleared away the cobwebs with plenty of regens by now, though. I don't even know if a clogged DPF affects MPG in any way, but it may be worth running a bottle of Wynn's DPF cleaner ( through the fuel tank to see if it helps. It sounds as though you have been doing the right thing by using BP Ultimate but it is possible the previous owner did not. It may be worth running a bottle of Archoil AR6400-D MAX Professional Diesel Engine, Turbo, DPF & CAT Cleaner Concentrate ( or
BG244 DIESEL FUEL SYSTEM CLEANER ( I am a little sceptical about such additives but plenty seem to rate them and some have reported improved MPG and poke as a result. I wouldn't mix either with the DPF cleaner, mind, and would always fill up once or twice without additives between doses.

Good luck. Do let us know if there are any developments.
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Re: Hello all! New Mazda 3 Tamura Owner. Potential MPG issue?
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