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Gen 2 rust on the tailgate

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I just noticed this today,It's the same on both sides between spolier/wing and metal/tailgate  :(

I hope it's surface rust only..has anyone had similar issue?

Have you had the wing off to have a look?

Had a look on mine and I've got sure its not brown muck collected?

No I haven't,will do though.

Not 100% sure but pretty much because I tried to wash it and it won't come off.

iIt has some surface rust on the roof too..I have kept asking myself what caused paint flaking,strong car shampoos maybe?

To me that looks like a the border between proper paint and "body in white" prep coat on the interior panels. With the uniformity of it's not damage or anything of that nature.

What you can do about it is another matter as when I took mine in in relation to corrosion in the rear arches I was informed it has to be a hole and on an exterior panel..which excludes floors and wheel arches(!). Basically anywhere it's likely to rot..


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