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Hello all I am a newbie. Recently bought a Mazda 3 Sky Activ Sport. I need to a new wheel arch liner on is it easy to take off old one and put a new one on. Any instructions would be gratefully recieved

Just for the record job done and very easy. Even straightened bent bodywork behind..

Thank you for the update on your original query. It's something I might have to look into for my Gen2. Shortly after getting it I used to notice an annoying intermittent tapping coming from the back somewhere. This went on for months; some journeys I wouldn't notice it at all and others it would be fairly persistent or be present for a few minutes then stop then come back again. I tried taking everything out of the boot and back seat area, rooted around in various cubby holes and behind linings, sticking down any loose wiring I could see (including the ones connecting the rear parking sensors, which trail along the bumper somewhat loosly).

To cut a [very, very, very] long story short, I eventually noticed the rear wheel arch liners aren't held in place very firmly. As a test I stuck the rear-left one (passenger side) against the metalwork with a piece of sticky felt (the same stuff I'd used to prevent the parcel shelf from rattling) and I have not heard the rattle since. I've been meaning to sort out a tidier solution but I haven't got a scooby how one goes about fitting a new lining or even whether it is the lining itself or the area in which it is mounted where the problem lies.

Of course, since that rattle was sorted a bunch of others have started up elsewhere, such is the nature of these things...


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