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Gen 2 rear arch rust.

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Have you checked your rear arches recently? Now I've been having the odd orange runner on the flange round the rear arch but other wise they are clean to look at.

However running you hand around the inner skin (as I always do because I clean them out) it doesn't feel smooth towards the front behind the skirts. Now I always hoped this was rust proofing on the inner surfaces..but well it contains the word "Rust"

Drive on the bottom of the sea much?

Looks like the inner skin is well away, anyone had to use the anti corrosion warranty? Should this be covered or do I have to wait until holes appear?

Having been through this saga with the Gen 1's  I can categorically say that Mazda's Anti corrosion warranty only applies if the metal is actually perforated. 

So ridiculous as it seems,the straight answer to your last question is.  Yes, you have to have holes .   

If you want to go searching (way back 2009 ish)   there are postings covering the recall that was issued at the time which included treatment/replacement of part of the outer skin.  However this entailed a cut and replacement segment of the panel.  However things might ! !  have changed in the intervening years and the wording might have become more lenient. But I doubt it.

Figured, to be fair to it fairly sure if you look under any 6-7 year old car you will find bits you wish you hadn't looked at.

It's a big moisture trap behind the insulation and the side skirt end so I'm not particularly surprised. It's a question of what to do with it, leave it until it rots through to the other side (probably a few years yet) or get it ground back and sealed.

Would be interesting to see a few other gen 2s of a similar age as I doubt mine is alone, especially given I clean this area out when I wash it.

I must check my wagon and see. If I see that I will clean it off and apply some paint like red/black oxide

Well she's booked in for Monday at 4pm. First thing they checked full Mazda history. Apparently they shall be taking photos and making some paint depth measurements then off to Mazda UK it goes to see if it gets upheld.



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