Author Topic: Mazda dealer or non-dealer for servicing? Any recommendations in or near Glasgo  (Read 6017 times)

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First Mazda and done 1500mls very happily.  Getting used to one another and I'm impressed so far.  Had mainly Alfas and VWs previously.  I'll never buy a VW again as they are corporate cheats and many should be jailed.  Alfa dealerships around 2000 were a nightmare so I tentatively tried independents and was really impressed with places around London and then near Glasgow.  What's your advice - dealership or independent for servicing?  And can anyone recommend places within reasonable distance of Glasgow.

Glad to be part of the Mazda clan and thanks in advance for your advice.

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Hi pvsdb welcome to the forum must say I've used my local mazda dealer  wrights mazda beccles and Norwich .IDont pay more than my father does at an independent plus I know the jobs done properly.NOt all main dealers are good though ,think at the end of the day a dealers only good if the people that work there are well trained , experienced at there jobs.

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You can have your car serviced at any vat registered garage and keep your new car warranty intact, but the onus is on you to prove the work was done at the correct intervals and the correct spec, so you need to keep receipts.  This is under 'block exemption" rules.

However, say you've had it serviced by your local independant, and your car blows up when it's 3 years and one week old...Mazda will probably say "sorry Sir it's out of warranty", since they've had no loyalty from you.  On the other hand if you've had it serviced by Mazda they would probably contribute a 'good will gesture' towards repairs (or even repair it free).  Also, having a Mazda dealer service history would probably make the car worth more if/when you sell it.

Arnold Clark will sell you a service plan cheaper than paying for seperate services - we got 3 years servicing plus the first MOT for our 2.0 petrol for £419 (but that was about a year and a half ago).  They'll sell you the plan even if you didn't buy the car from them.  There's an Arnold Clark Mazda dealer in South Street, formerly called Machargs.

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