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Hi All,

I have been using this forum for sometime to help maintain and look after my 2011 Mazda3 2.2D (185PS) 2nd Gen.

I recently had the car serviced by an independent garage and the DSR was updated. Reading on here I released after leaving the garage that the Oil data counter needs to be reset, and I am not sure if they have done it, they said they think they did it, but wanted me to bring the car back in to check.

Being proactive it seems like I can do this myself, rather than have to take it back in to be checked (round trip of an hour +waiting time), however I am confusing myself which method I need to follow. I have no warning lights etc on the dash.

So what I have read is:

1. Earthing method + Pedal - however I think this is for the EURO4 2.2D engine << don't think it is this one.

2. Pedal Method only, this looks like the EURO5 engine method  << looks like the right one?

3. I've also seen this when searching the Internet, Through the on-board computer but not sure if this is just a cosmetic change and has nothing actually to do with the Fuel in Oil / DPF warning lights reset I might see if I don't do this correctly

Last night I tried option 2 (I did not get the fuel in oil warning light flashing at all?) In fact nothing changed on the dash to indicate I was pushing both pedals together for 20+ seconds?

I also then went and reset the counters in option 3, which worked fine, but again is this just cosmetic?

Sorry If the above is a noddy question, and if I have missed something on this, but would welcome some guidance and feedback?

Many thanks

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Re: Oil counter reset procedure Mazda3 2.2D (185PS) 2nd Gen - EURO5
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Be advised that second/pedal method is a little more complicated on cars with start/stop button rather than key  ;). Yesterday I reset oil counter by pedal method on mine which has key rather than button(I'm very pleased that i don't have that stupid button , i like key LOL) , on the other hand , for 2.2 185 sport models you have to disable ignition/startup  :)
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Re: Oil counter reset procedure Mazda3 2.2D (185PS) 2nd Gen - EURO5
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