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2006 Mazda 3 Sport (Velocity Red)

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I picked this up in May 2015 as a little runaround with 59,000 miles on it.

I've also got an Audi S3 but I'd bought the Mazda to replace my old Civic VTI-S which was starting to get a bit too unreliable. 

I didn't do much to the Mazda for the first few months other than just drive it, but towards the end of the summer I de-tarred the paintwork, cleaned as much mold as possible from the rear light clusters and gave it a good machine polishing.  The engine bay also looked like it had never been cleaned, so I sorted that out too.

The boot lid was suffering from some rust issues so I left it down to a fella who sorted it out for me. 

Towards the end of 2015 a friend called me from a local breakers yard to let me know that an RX-8 had just came in and the wheels and tyres were being offered to him at a fantastic price, so I headed over, did the deal and got them.  I'm guessing they've been refurbed at some point as they are in near perfect condition.  Also came with 3 really good premium brand tyres, so I'm very chuffed.

Ideally I'd like to lower the car on a set of springs, but I also need to replace the tyres down from a 235/45/18 down to a 225/45/18 so I don't risk any rubbing.     

I've to sort out the bluetooth in the car at some point too as the Parrot kit in the car doesn't stream music from my phone. 

Finally I've to take some decent photos of this car, as every one I have of it is rubbish lol

Looking good 

I fitted a Parrot MKi9200 last week after ordering the MAZ06TEL wiring kit for the Bose system.  All installed really easily, but couldn't figure out where to install the screen.

I originally put the screen on the steering cowl in front of the rev counter but it was a bit too close and bright at night, so yesterday I moved it to the dash.  Still not 100% happy with it, but it'll do for a while and maybe replace it with a Dension kit.

I haven't updated this in a while  :-[

I've mainly just been enjoying it whilst preparing my S3 for Nurburgring trips.

The Parrot bluetooth kit that I had originally installed failed on me and I sold it off for parts. I replaced it with a Connects2 kit which I actually prefer. It plugs in to the back of the standard head unit where a cd changer would go, so no need for additional expensive ISO cables specific for Bose. I can stream music from my phone and skip tracks back and forward using the skip track buttons on the head unit.  I can also answer the phone using the skip forward button. Everything is hidden behind the dash other than the microphone so it's nice and neat and I ran a USB lighting cable from the Connects2 box to my glove box so I can charge my phone.

The car went in for it's MOT this January and flew through, although the tester did pass comment on my front tyres being worn on the inside, which I hadn't noticed so I treated the car to a full set of Kumho KU39s. As I was planning on getting a wheel alignment done to sort out the inside tyre wear I figured now would be the best time to get the car lowered as well, so I also bought a set of Eibach ProKit springs.  A four wheel alignment was done afterwards and hopefully no more uneven wear.  This brings me up to now and a quick pic I took recently in an underground carpark. 

I'm hoping to give the car a good machine polish some time over the next few weeks and get some better pics, and also space the rears out a few mm.

I have had an intermittent issue where there's a whining/grinding sound coming from the font of the car and the ABS light would appear. I'm guessing this might be something to do with the ABS pump on its way out.

I'd also like to free up the engine a bit so any suggestions on parts would be appreciated.  I'm not looking big power increases; just free up a bit of power and mid-range. I'd imagine there has to be some restriction in flow for emissions and similar environmental reasons. Panel filter and exhaust probably first.

How similar is the 2 litre engine in the Mazda 3 similar to the MX-5 2 litre of similar age?

speedy mazda:
wow mazdamont must say I like the glossy finish on the red paint,plus the new lower springs and rx8 alloys .


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