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2015 Mazda 3 - 2.2D uprated intercooler


Mazda 3 Odula intercooler info......copied my post from another forum.
Thought id post a separate thread on info / chat about the Odula intercooler for the 2.2 diesel engine.....

Best to be sourced direct from Odula here... ODULA RX-7
Mine took approx 2 weeks to arrive in UK from Japan, but a few days delay was caused by a major hurricane in Japan when I ordered it. Odula are very good at answering emails and everything is very easy.

Bumper off and standard intercooler looks pretty tight in there.......

One thing I did notice once the bumper was off.....a intercooler outlet temp guessing this is used for BAT (boost air temp) map limiting.

Bumper removal is pretty easy if you follow the workshop manual guide.
Once removed and side by side you can see the difference in size

The very basic instructions show  the original mounting brackets with a arrow pointing to some nuts / bolts.....I wasn’t sure what this was trying to show. Until you actually try to fit the new cooler and find the end of the bolts hit the back of the cooler..... so you need to grind off the very end of the bolts flush with the nut.

Pretty tight fit.....but everything has  a little perfect,

All fitted and bumper ready to go back on...

Initial driving show less turbo lag - better low down power - appears to have improved MPG.

Odula do claim +15bhp and 50 Lb/ft increase without remap....and I recon they are not far off with that....!


Do you happen to know if it fits a MK2? Did you email them direct to find the part or did you find it on the website?


Not sure if it will fit the is on the website in the Axela section.
They are very good at answering emails.

do you feel any difference with that new inter-cooler?


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