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Air Con Pump Part
« on: March 04, 2014, 01:12:04 PM »
Sorry if this is the wrong place but I've had my 2004 2.0L Sport Petrol serviced today and they've diagnosed the horrible noise coming from engine bay as a 'worn air con pump'. I'm trying to find the new part and I think it's this:

Am I right in thinking this is what they mean by the air con pump? as opposed to the compressor?

If so does anyone have the part number to hand and where is the best place to buy one? Will a 1.6L pump work in my 2.0L?

Thank you :)

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Re: Air Con Pump Part
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2014, 03:01:32 PM »
Hi, the pump is the air con compressor. I would have a safe bet that the 1.6 is the same spec as the 2 litre.
A worn pump would indicate loss of oil in the compressor during its lifetime. There is always slight loss of oil that escapes with the gas over the years so an air con service would normally pump down the remaining gas and oil, test the system for leaks then charge up with the correct amout of oil then gas up.  The oil is in suspension with the gas so it circulates round the system.
A Mazda breakers web site or the bay should fix you up.  Regards keith h

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Re: Air Con Pump Part
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2014, 04:31:58 PM »
Hi bucksgill,

A NOTE of caution.  :)

A quick search with Google threw up this...

As you can see they offer different compressors, both OEM and Aftermarket, for different engine sizes.

As the site illustrates each part with photographs/dimensions  and part numbers (Last but one column before price Pic/OE Number)you should be able to identify your compressor even if you then go elsewhere to purchase. As the spacing of the four mounting holes is different for each engine you need to be sure you start with the correct replacement.

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Re: Air Con Pump Part
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2014, 04:31:58 PM »