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Living with Mazda3 Diesels - Conclusion
« on: March 13, 2013, 03:25:28 PM »
The diesels we drive are indeed highly complex sophisticated machines. That has bought many advantages. But with any rapidly developing technology the unforeseen consequences of the many design decisions can take time to appear. When that happens engineers usually reach for a blank sheet of paper and try to incorporate as many lessons that have been learned as possible into the next generation... if the bean counters let them. We saw it when Mazda decided that the 2.0 engine needed to be replaced and the 2.2 arrived. Another step forward in the never to end quest for perfection. The 1.6 engine used in the First generation has also been simplified delivering improvements in performance and fuel economy in the Second generation Mazda 3.

It may be great to enjoy the Zoom Zoom that is achieved but it always hurts when one of those less than perfect design decisions bites us hard in the pocket.

Never the less we own very good Diesel cars that although not perfect are as good as we can hope realistically.... unless you are the victim of a major failure. If our cars were not any good Mazda would not manage to keep a place so high up the various customer satisfaction surveys. Mazda is rightly proud of the accolades it earns through the delivery of excellent consistent quality. For my money the company could be accused of not shouting the good news as loudly as is justified. At least on the PR web site they do summarise the Europe wide accolades they have earned. See:

Whilst we contemplate the extra steps we can take to to get as close to automotive perfection as possible with our Mazda 3s it is worth remembering that we have chosen to purchase a car from a brand that gives us a far better chance of trouble free motoring than so many of the larger volume producers.

1 Skyactive Diesel
The quest for ever more efficient less polluting engines has been under way for some time. The arrival of Common Rail Diesels seems to me to have been the technology kick that made a lot of subsequent improvements possible. We are currently driving what may prove to have been the peak versions of traditional high compression diesels. Only time will tell if Mazda have really succeeded in redefining compression ignition engines with the Skyactive D engines now  coming to the marketplace. A quick look at what Mazda are saying about the technology may whet the appetite for upgrading to an even better Mazda 3 with Skyactive D in due course. You will see that Mazda have decided to reverse the trend and lower diesel engine compression as well as increasing the revolutions range. A bold step which promises much. See:

2 Enjoy the torque
Those of us who own a Mazda 3 diesel own a delightful piece of technology that delivers a satisfying Zoom Zoom experience almost all of the time. If we learn to accommodate the vagaries of our diesels by adding a few extra servicing routines like the ideas discussed in this series of posts we should be able to continue to enjoy our Zoom Zoom and join the legion of satisfied Mazda owners.

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Living with Mazda3 Diesels - Conclusion
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