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Android auto is just screen mirroring + adding a car friendly skin so probably is a bit much to ask to have the directions in the HUD. But I was just wondering if there was anything in that would justify the cost.

The voice recognition recognises both me and my wife...and we're very much Geordie so I'm surprised it won't work for you as the Google system is the best currently available pretty much.

Regards the slow maps you can cache maps locally on your phone. I've got everywhere from north of Edinburgh to 50 miles south of Liverpool stored on mine as it's where I'm most likely to be and it's 642mb. Go into options and select offline maps and select how much you want it to keep. it then downloads it and updates it everytime you are on Wi-Fi. It can then navigate without signal but will normally shoot a recalc once traffic data arrives.
Vehicle Entertainment / Navigation Systems / Re: Traffic Alerts
« Last post by 9swampy on September 12, 2018, 01:37:35 AM »
I wonder if the dedicated 'branded' satnav apps and systems pay to use eachother's data for a bigger pool of information - I actually have found that my 'old' Nokia 620 using Here Maps was often more accurate at describing traffic jams/problems than Google Maps was on my (then) expensive Android work phone.

Mazda's Connected Services things on my 3 has a "Here Maps" logo.  O0

...haven't got it to work though. New phone made it possible but I've missed out on the 3 year window I believe...
I wonder if the hardware upgrade adds the HUD element back in? Does the voice control button activate Google assistant? On the Citroen it has a button specifically for this and because Google speech recognition is excellent it's really useful, can use it to program nav on the move, accept route changes or change your music choices without going near the touch screen.

I'd very much doubt they'd be adding the HUD back in. Doesn't Android Auto pretty much make the CMU a dumb screen and speaker, all the work's being done on the phone and the screen's just relayed. The Voice Control button does activate the Google Assistant but with my accent it's a waste of time. To be fair so was Mazda's...  :-X

Agreed @Andy @Uranium as I suggested; £350 just pushed me off the table and so far so good. Sometimes it takes quite a while to warm up or get started on a trip; calculating and recalculating routes etc. Of course the built in system is all locally cached; the phone's going of online and doing a whole load of work over a sometimes dodgy phone connection (Kudos to Vodafone for giving me a Sure Signal as a condition before I'd sign up for another two years - but that only helps in the house) and once it's going it's behaved well so far. FWIW nothing Mazda could add to the car would do anything to fix that bad signal...

Hope it's not an upgrade at cost because as MazdaTweaks has already cautioned the ability to sideload like this has been blocked... but given they've been putting effort in to blocking it then doubtless it will be a cost. I'd be tempted by the adaptive radar cruise and there's a rumour in the showroom that a sunroof could be on the cards. Another thing the new phone does is create a wifi hotspot the car can connect to so I could potentially do the connected traffic thing though I've just missed out on the 3 years free!  >:(
I have a 2008 1.6 petrol Mazda 3.

About two years ago the remote central locking/unlocking stopped working for BOTH key fobs.  I have had to physically insert the key into the door lock ever since (with which I am getting tired).

I have replaced the key batteries, cleaned the contacts within the remote fob, and tried to 're-programme' the keys, with no success.  "Re-programming' always fails to respond at the 'press any button on the fob" stage.

Is there any solution to this issue?   

Do I have to go back to the (hated) dealership, and will/can they actually guarantee that a new *remote* key will work?   

Can I go to an independent auto locksmith and will/can they also guarantee that a new *remote* key will work?

New Members / MOVED: Engine Management Light
« Last post by Willpower on September 11, 2018, 05:05:39 PM »
Must agree with Andy that £350 is a bit of a rip off for the upgrade. Am guessing this will be an option to upgrade all cars going forward (even on brand new buys) until the next 3 is launched with it 'possibly as standard'. Gutted as was looking forward to having the car with appleplay.

Hopefully people will be put off with that price and they will offer it at a lower cost to try and re-coupe some of the licencing money, but I doubt that. Although having used Carplay it is quite nice, just not £350 nice.
Wheels/Tyres / Re: Snow Tyres?
« Last post by Engineer Andy on September 10, 2018, 02:01:25 PM »
Thanks kneeknack. Plenty to think about there :)

I'm not the worst driver in the snow, I'm far from the best as well. I know the theory, which leads to lots of shouting "Get it out of 1st!", "Don't stop!" and "You're way too close mate!". What worried me was all the talk about the 3 being low geared and quick to spin. Mind, I'm usually very wary with the accelerator in the snow any way.

The wheels are 16" so I'm hoping I can get the CC+ tyres.


As regards the 3 being low geared, one of the ways to 'get round it' in snowy and icy conditions is to change up early at lower revs, and, in conditions of very poor grip, possibly move off in second gear instead of first - I've done this once or twice before as required without any problems.  I agree with kneeknack that making progress in snowy conditions is often about keeping a steady momentum, as well as keeping the distance to vehicles in front much larger than normal, to allow for them suddenly braking so you can make desicions in good time.

Even though I live in the SE/East of England, which doesn't get much in the way of snow, when we have got some, I fare perfectly ok for the most part even with standard summer tyres - my getting the CrossClimates is giving me a bit more peace of mind in such conditions as well as in 'normal' cold conditions below 7degC when its not icy or snowing.  They won't be quite as good in weather above 7degC, but tyres are always a compromise, and I don't have the space to store another set of tyres for use in summer/winter.

As far as the tests have been, the CCs have been the closest to the summer tyres in terms of performance, but are far better than them as regards comparing to winter tyres.  As before, I would suggest anyone living in areas that regularly get snow in winter (significantly more than 2 weeks a year and heavy) who can find space to store a set of tyres/wheels to go for winter tyres as well as summer tyres.  For areas in between - say in the northern part of the midlands, etc, they may want to think about more 'winter biased' all-season tyres like the excellent Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2.
Wheels/Tyres / Re: Snow Tyres?
« Last post by Ste7en on September 10, 2018, 09:01:56 AM »
Thanks kneeknack. Plenty to think about there :)

I'm not the worst driver in the snow, I'm far from the best as well. I know the theory, which leads to lots of shouting "Get it out of 1st!", "Don't stop!" and "You're way too close mate!". What worried me was all the talk about the 3 being low geared and quick to spin. Mind, I'm usually very wary with the accelerator in the snow any way.

The wheels are 16" so I'm hoping I can get the CC+ tyres.

Diesel /DPF issues / Mass airflow sensor removal 1.6D Update!!
« Last post by DanMX3 on September 09, 2018, 08:13:50 PM »
Hi all ran into an issue today hope someone may be able to help. My mass airflow sensor on my 1.6d needs cleaning due to oil spray and reading the thread on the issue there is a mention of three torx screws. Mine has no screws just a flat top with an arrow pointing to the left. Is it a case of just pulling it out or are there screws concealed somewhere? Or do i just spray it in situ? Thanks.

Found the torx screws. Was not what I 'd imagined expected similar set up to Mazda 3 petrol where the sensor comes completely out of air box. Was in need of cleaning so good result.
Wheels/Tyres / Re: what tyres?
« Last post by Engineer Andy on September 09, 2018, 02:22:58 PM »
Unfortunately, Cross Climates aren't available across the board, although the range is a lot larger than it was before.  It might be worth doing as Kneeknack has in slightly changing the spec (within the allowed rolling diameter tollerance of 4% [the lower the better]), as long as the fit the hub, don't impede the brakes or steering mechanism and don't stick out from the wheel arch (illegal).  Bear in mind the running low profile tyres runs a higher risk of irrecoverable (and thus expensive to replace the tyre/alloy) sidewall damage and blowouts.

Most of the CC range are, by neccessity, of the XL type which helps a bit.  My higher profile 195/65 R15 H tyres are not (one of only a handful that aren't, presumably due to the lower speed rating); the V rated and above tyres are XL.  Unlikely to make a significant difference in handling perception though.
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