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Mazda 3 / Re: Breakdown with 45 miles on the clock.
« Last post by ROBCALLY on Today at 03:45:35 PM »
Yes the hire car turned up at 2:30 pm and I had a call off the dealer saying my car was ready if i wanted to collect it
or they would deliver it but i went and collected it and left the hire car at the dealers.
They said the problem was the hybrid battery was dead and had to be recharged and it's been fine since in the
end Mazda compensated me with £200.00 towards accessories not too bad I suppose
Mazda 3 / Re: Breakdown with 45 miles on the clock.
« Last post by Ben_Paridian on Today at 01:04:01 PM »
What was the issue in the end?
I've just got/sold my Mazda 3 / Finally have my very own Mazda.
« Last post by Ben_Paridian on Today at 01:00:10 PM »
Hi all,

And I love it.

I've never been a car person - only just passed my driving test after years of on and off lessons due to house moves and job changes.

But when I have liked the look of a car, it was always a Mazda. I think it stems from always starting with the MX-5 in Need for Speed 2  ;D

So, now I am the proud owner of a Black Mazda3 TS2 2012. Diesel with 98000 on the clock, one previous owner. The previous owner is a credit to the car because it is pristine.

Apart from the engine sometimes stuttering after start up on a morning, which I have read could be down to a cold engine, it runs like a dream. I'll probably put it in for a service in the next week or two just to make sure everything is all good.

Any tips for keeping it in tip top condition? Any recommendations for phone holders in the car? I've had a browse but haven't come across something worth getting yet.


I've just got/sold my Mazda 3 / Re: My brand new Skyactiv-X GT Sport Tech
« Last post by speedy mazda on January 18, 2020, 08:39:08 PM »
Great looking car servlox 😀Iwill be interested to hear how the x engine performs as I may get  one in a years time.
I've just got/sold my Mazda 3 / Re: My brand new Skyactiv-X GT Sport Tech
« Last post by zoomzoomer on January 17, 2020, 04:08:53 PM »
Very nice car, how does the x compare to the 120bhp version does it feel a lot more powerfull?
Would the x be suitable doing lots of short journeys or does it need more motorway miles?
I'm torn between the red or silver both look great.
New Members / Re: Hello (Mazda) world from a new member
« Last post by thepeterde on January 16, 2020, 10:43:33 AM »
Welcome. would love a sunroof in mine.
New Members / Re: Hello (Mazda) world from a new member
« Last post by AussieAstina on January 16, 2020, 09:19:30 AM »
Thanks for your reply Engineer Andy, you raise a couple of interesting points that I've been pondering.

Too late to back out now anyhow as the car's already on a boat, and due to land at the end of Feb.

As it happens the importer passed me on to a specialist insurer and he's already come up with a reasonable quote, so I'm now happy that I won't be broke by the time I get to drive it.

The car needs to have a rear foglamp fitted before it is registered in the UK, and the speedo swap, but I think mph/kph is a selectable option in the head unit software so won't be an issue.

I contacted Mazda UK tech support about the ICE software and the servicing schedule and was not convinced by their answers, so will chat to the local dealer.

..."Moving the vehicle to another country does not affect the recommended servicing schedules for this vehicle".

..."different components and software are used with other Mazda vehicles outside of Europe. This would no longer be able to have any updates and accessories such as Apple Car Play could not be fitted".

Australia is hotter and dustier than the UK (especially so at the moment) and also has less rigorous fuel quality standards, so more frequent servicing isn't a surprise. I would be surprised though if the car itself was so different (at a technical spec. level) that UK service intervals were not sufficient to maintain safety, longevity, and performance here.  I'd also be very surprised if the entertainment system was so different at a component level that it could not be updated with UK software.  Granted the DAB standards may be different (I've not researched this) so the receiver may not be the same. I'll see how it goes when it arrives.

The car is fun to drive. We had a Sport Nav 165 before going to Aus and the 185hp 2.5 litre is just that bit more lively. It also has features not available on the UK model such as a sunroof and radar cruise control (radar cruise will be so much more useful here than on Australia's empty roads).

So looking forward to getting it back  ;D
I've just got/sold my Mazda 3 / Mazda3 2014 Sport Nav
« Last post by Marcus on January 14, 2020, 11:36:32 PM »
Just bought 2014 Mazda3 Sport Nav. 34k very pleased everything seems to work. There was a small pool of water on the ground roughly in centre about where the arm rest would be. I'm assuming its the AC drain. By far the most grown up car I have ever had and my last one was a 2006 Mazda6 which I loved until someone destroyed it when it was parked outside my house. The only issue is the lack of DAB and it seems there are few options for a fully intrgrated addition so I'll see how I get on with my phone. Cheers all...
Vehicle Entertainment / Navigation Systems / Speed Camera info on Gen4 GT Sport Tech
« Last post by servlox3 on January 14, 2020, 10:25:18 PM »
I have a new gen4, 3 GT Sport Tech and have just noticed that it has no audible or visual warnings for Speed Camera locations through the infotainment and Sat Nav?
Is this a function that is no longer part of the system? As I had it on my previous  gen 3, 2015 Sport.

Interested to hear from other Gen4 owners if this is the norm or have I simply missed a function to switch this on somewhere?
just noticed this, so you probably have sorted it by now?. I had the exact same issue with my 2015 sport 165 but fortunately while the car was still within warranty. The dealer first of all didn't acknowledge it as an issue until I pulled up a service bulletin I managed to find through another worldwide Mazda forum. I then had both front door speakers replaced FOC under warranty with BOSE units that had the casing material upgraded to avoid the corrosion problem which leads to the separation of the cone material.

With this in mind it might have been worth talking to a dealer or even Mazda UK for an out of warranty goodwill contribution towards replacement with the later BOSE units? As it was a known problem on early chassis numbered gen 3 cars which was corrected on later reg cars, therefore it is an original manufacturing fault which you wouldnt know anything about until it affects your car.   
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