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Title: Team Heko Wind Deflectors plus Photos
Post by: mogly on April 19, 2015, 03:43:02 PM
Hi just posting a couple of pictures of the Team Heko Wind Deflectors I fitted this week (Thanks to Baaarnz for help on the clip location)
The clips for retaining the deflectors in place for both front and rear should be placed in the vertical window channel on either side. Place the clip with the flat edge facing outside and the edge with the pointed grip facing inside so it grips the rubber in the channel.
The clips
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Front ; one in the vertical channel where the door mirror is
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Second is placed at the top of the vertical channel
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For the rear the clips are placed either side at the top of the channel
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When putting the clips in place I used a small decoraters tool and taped the end with insulation tape so it wouldn't scratch anything.
Once the clips are in place GENTLEY close the windows a little at a time making sure the window does not get caught on the clips, if it does catch just widen the clip slightly with a flat ended screw driver so the glass can pass by.
Once the windows closes fully they may make a small grating sound against the clip but after being closed for a while the clips will be set in place and it won't happen again.
The deflectors come with small strips of sticky tape on them to hold them in place while you fit the clips, if they don't hold the deflector in place just use some insulation tape like in the following photo.
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Title: Re: Team Heko Wind Deflectors plus Photos
Post by: mogly on April 19, 2015, 03:45:00 PM
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I'm happy with them  O0