Author Topic: Bonnet corner (drivers view) paint wearing away? Oxidisation?  (Read 3790 times)

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Wondered if anyone can identify whats going on here... My Mazda 3 09 Takara has been sat around for quite a bit as not been using it much during lockdown. Took it out today and it was nice and sunny but while driving my attention was drawn to the paintwork of the bonnet corner that is in my driving view.

It seems to be wearing away and turning white. Is this oxidisation damage? It only seems to be happening in this area. Seems like it has appeared possibly quite suddenly as I can't remember noticing it before and now it seems so obvious. But with lockdown and night time driving.. maybe it has been developing for a while when car has been sat around :/

Here is a picture:

Has anyone else had anything similar in this area? Am I right that this looks like oxidisation or perhaps something else?
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