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Title: Genuine Android auto vs AIO tweaks
Post by: randomcabbage on April 16, 2022, 09:52:18 PM
So after lots of faffing around attempting to load AIO tweaks and failing I decided to hell with it and bought the auto android hub and usb loom from amazon last night

Knowing I required V70+ firmware I downloaded it last night then got extremely annoyed this morning when the USB flash drive couldn't be recognised, after searching many sources I happened upon a piece of information most sites don't mention at all, make sure your flash drive is USB 2 and <16GB.
Hey presto after finding an old 4gb flash drive I transferred the firmware on to it and it started working.

After fitting the hub and wires this afternoon (I can write a how to if required) I had a thought of I bet that's why AIO tweaks didn't work I'm going to give that a go next week though it sounds like an even bigger PITA on V70+ than it was on the V59 I had that required a serial connection, even though I don't need Android Auto now there is a few tweaks Id like to do still, has anyone here tried tweaks on V70.00.367 yet?