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**HOW TO** Fit Cruise Control (Lots of pics)
« on: November 14, 2008, 02:06:44 PM »

DISCLAIMER:- "This will only work with certain models with electronic throttle bodies and an inbuilt cruise control circuit. You need to ascertain that your car is suitable". This modification was carried out on a 2007 MPS.

Ok, Here is my guide eventually on how to retrofit Mazda Cruise Control.

The parts you need are:

Brake Light Switch:- BN7N-66-490
Steering Wheel Control Switches:- BS3G-66-4MO

STEP ONE:- Remove battery cover and disconnect the battery Allow to stand for ten minutes to ensure that all power is discharged from the system.

STEP TWO:- Remove and replace (with the new part) the brake light switch at the top of the brake pedal. Its a twist and turn job. Sorry bad pic.

STEP THREE:- On either side of the steering wheel body there is are two rubber grommets. Remove these and with a 10mm socket remove the bolts that hold the centre air bag assembly.

STEP FOUR:- ##CAREFULLY## ease the air bag out to expose the connecting wire. With a small flat screwdriver ease the yellow clip up and remove plug. Place bag face down on the passanger side floor. WARNING TREAT WITH RESPECT ITS LIKE HANDLING A BOMB!!

STEP FIVE:- Disconnect the radio control plug from the centre of the wheel.

STEP SIX:- Using a 22mm socket (I seem to remember) Remove the centre bolt that holds the wheel on. Make sure your wheels are straight before removing and do not rotate the air bag collar behind once the wheel is off.

STEP SEVEN:- Remove the two screws that hold the plastic surround on to the wheel then remove to expose the screws for the switches.

STEP EIGHT:- Remove the screws that hold the switches on to the wheel, replace with the new switches and re fasten screws. Connect blue earth wire to the wheel body ##NOTE THE LOCATION OF THE WIRING HARNESS AND COPY##

STEP NINE:- Step nine is a reverse of what you have just done.

Reconnect the battery, and your done!

It takes about 20 - 30 mins to install. Well worth it in my opinion.

Hope this helps.
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Re: **HOW TO** Fit Cruise Control (Lots of pics)
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Re: **HOW TO** Fit Cruise Control (Lots of pics)
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