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2.2 diesel, to keep or not
« on: May 29, 2023, 08:22:44 PM »
Opinions please 🙏

I've got the opportunity to take my 2.2 diesel back to the garage I got it from at the price I paid, less the mileage used (a very good deal to be fair to them).

I told them I'd noticed some oil level rise but after reading, watching videos and reading again I see this is somewhat normal.

Now, I know my commute isn't suited to diesels. It's made up of 3-4 min of 45mph, 8 min of 60-70mph then 5 min of mixed 30mph town driving. We have successfully run a 1.6tdi skoda the same way albeit with longer runs most weekends for 6 years without issue.

Thing is, the mazda seems to want to do only active regens and from what I read it's almost intended to do so as recognition that not everyone gets extended blasts on the motorway. But it dumps diesel in the oil for an active.

Question is, can my useage be accommodated by more frequent oil changes alone? I'm willing to do it quarterly but I feel like even that might be a gamble. Better to bite the bullet now instead of the skud missile later?

It's an approved used with 11months of transferable warranty left if anyone is in the market for one, need to get travel sorted pronto though as I'm at the ass end of the country with ferries and flights to book

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Re: 2.2 diesel, to keep or not
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2023, 05:44:39 PM »
If the new driving pattern (new job or moved home?) is likely to be a longer term (more than a year or two), then in my view, yes, swap the car out for a petrol-engined car.  It really depends upon how often you'll likely do a longer run where passive regens will keep the DPF clear.  From the sound of it, it doesn't look like you will, at least to the extent that your Mazda needs it.

If you still have the Skoda, there is also the option of swapping over usage, keeping the Mazda for the longer runs on weekends and using the Skoda for the commute.  It might be a way of determining whether it is suitable if it doesn't keep doing active regens, or if it does, then you'll know that a modern diesel isn't suitable for your commute.

All things otherwise being equal, a new petrol (or MHEV petrol) will be closer to the mpg of the diesel than you might think (because it's likely to be a newer engine design and because of the DPF active regen issue), but the main benefit will be likely better longer-term reliability - the 2.2TD is known for giving (potentially expensive) problems when used for predominantly slow speed urban work, especially if active regens get interrupted by switching the engine off.

The downside of changing is that your current car is to an extent a reasonably 'known quantity' - a new (or at lewast new to you) car can suffer from problems, though these days more of them appear to be electrical in nature - Mazdas included.

Someone who asked for opinions on a new car on the Honest John web forum eventually went for a new (petrol) CX-30, but it developed a number of issues which the local dealership and the UK Head Office apparently didn't seem to make much of an effort to put right.  He vowed to get rid of the car pronto and never buy a Mazda again.

I suspect that part of the issue was - as many of us longer term owners / members here are acutely aware of - that the quality of main dealerships varies a good deal, and Mazda UK hasn't (from what I read) been the most helpful organisation to customers over the years.  Perhaps this person would've had a far better experience had the used another dealership, and that requires potential owners to do some research (like checking here and other forums to see what dealers get good reviews and doesn't) - I personally feel that this person jumped in without doing such checks first.

Bear in mind that whilst car prices generally are high at present, with second hand cars being somewhere in the 25-35% above the norm, it's likely that the value of diesels will be lower comparatively speaking to petrols / petrol hybrids because they are generally out-of-favour on the environmental front, though not so bad for newer cars (EU6+) which will be ULEZ compliant.

One thing if you do change cars - you may want to consider an automatic next time if that 'slow speed' section of your commute etc is in very slow / heavy traffic, with lots of stops / starts.  It will both feel more comfortable driving (though [depending on the box type] may penalise mpg to some degree), though the reliability issue will come into play if that 'auto' box is in relaity an dual clutch type, which isn't suited to that sort of driving and will wear just as quickly as a standard clutch, but will cost more to replace.

A car with a torque converter auto box (like Mazdas do) or one of the better designed CVTs (Toyotas, Lexuses, Subarus [but IMHO none made by Jatco]) would suit that far more from a longer-term reliability standpoint.

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Re: 2.2 diesel, to keep or not
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2023, 05:44:39 PM »