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Maintenance / Re: New windscreen. Wipers looking...odd.
« Last post by Willpower on Yesterday at 06:04:16 PM »
Tall333 is absolutely correct in everything he says. However If you have just had your windscreen replaced, my first action would be to take it back to the windscreen fitters and get them to sort it out.  It looks to me like they have taken the wiper arm off and have refitted it incorrectly.
New Members / MOVED: Mazda 3 Sport 2006 Airbag Light On
« Last post by Willpower on Yesterday at 05:57:07 PM »
Wheels/Tyres / Tyre repair gunk?
« Last post by bobmax on Yesterday at 03:15:21 PM »

I've never had a puncture yet thank God, so never needeed to use the crappy gunk I have instead of a proper spare.
I'm ashamed to say that I have not learned how it works  :-[

Has anyone here used it yet?

I'd love one of the PROPER spare wheels Mazda do, but it's so expensive. >:(

Exterior Trim / Re: Engine Under Cover / Splash Gaurd rear fittings
« Last post by hanix on Yesterday at 09:42:22 AM »
I think that the current standard Mazda pushpins are about that diameter. There is one to remove from the filter access cover on the Gen3;
Maintenance / Re: New windscreen. Wipers looking...odd.
« Last post by Tall333 on Yesterday at 07:40:52 AM »
It looks like the wiper arm is set in the wrong position.  I can't see properly from the pic but I think there's a cap covering the nut which attaches it - ping the cap off (if there is one), then undo the nut underneath, pull the whole wiper arm off the spline, re-position the arm a bit further clockwise on the spline (so that the arm is further down the screen) and re-fit and tighten.
Often the arm comes off easier if you stand the wiper arm up (in the position you would put it when cleaning the screen) before you pull.  Wiggle it clockwise/anti clockwise as you pull. The arm is usually quite stiff to dislodge from the spline - if the threads are long enough then slacken the nut but don't remove it, therefore the arm will dislodge from the spline without smashing you in the face as it pops off, then remove the nut and the arm.   Don't be tempted to re-fit the arm too far down the screen - wipers settle in slightly different positions due to dry screen or snow etc.
Mazda 3 / Re: Remap?
« Last post by bobmax on Yesterday at 01:10:58 AM »
Yes BBR do a remap that for about 450 quid gives the 120 or 160,  170bhp without any other mods

There is a thread about it somewhere but can't find it.

Anyone actually used BBR for the 2.0 ltre  SL Nav?
Apologies if I've missed it on a previous thread. :o

Yes I guess it's obvious  :-[

I see I could purchase the standard Chip and fit it myself. ::)
Would this be straightforward do you think?
Maintenance / New windscreen. Wipers looking...odd.
« Last post by red_imps_2003 on September 19, 2017, 11:55:53 PM »
Windscreen was replaced yesterday after nasty crack set in. Passenger side wiper has always pointed at a slightly funny angle, to me, but now looks like this: - that's not right, surely?

Judging by images of other 3s of the same vintage on the Internet, even the driver's side looks a little prominent?

The following was taken a few weeks back and they don't look as 'bad':

I guess my questions are:

(a) What's up with that?
(b) Is it possible to reset them as a DIY job or is it likely to need specialist tools?
Exterior Trim / Re: Engine Under Cover / Splash Gaurd rear fittings
« Last post by moozmooz on September 19, 2017, 11:48:31 PM »
When I first did an oil change on my 2005 3, the perceived wisdom was that the under tray had to be removed. Halfway through removing said tray, having snapped off a couple of the bolts, I discovered, to the accompaniment of much cursing, that there was absolutely no need to remove the tray as the drain cleared the back of the tray, and there was a convenient hole for dropping the filter through.
Since then, I have avoided perceived wisdom like the plague and gone back to first principles - have a good look and a feel about.

I can't remember the exact details of the fittings, and in any case, mine may not have been original, as the tray, along with much of the front and radiators, was replaced after an encounter with a gigantic badger.

Replacement bolts? No way. Cable ties. I've had no rattles or vibration, and I know that if I ever need it off, a couple of snips and it's done.

The link below takes you to something that rings a bell - rubber insert and plug arrangement - but it's a few years back so I can't be certain.

Exterior Trim / Engine Under Cover / Splash Gaurd rear fittings
« Last post by SRRAE on September 19, 2017, 07:00:50 PM »

About a year ago I took the engine under cover off to do an oil change.  I didn't put it back on because many of the metal clips broke. I've only just got round to replacing the but I cant remember how the back of the cover is held in place.  There are 2 large holes in each corner about 1cm in diameter, way to big for any bolt.

What goes in there?  Should they be large push pins?
New Members / Takuya or Sport
« Last post by Stevewally on September 19, 2017, 12:37:45 PM »
Thanks for the replies

V5C (registration document) has it down as a Takuya, mind you before the electronic registration process (AFRL) I have seen some strange variations on model types, basically the dealer could almost write anything they liked.
eg Have a look at, more models than Mazda ever made, I will be corrected if wrong

Mazda dealerships heve it down as a Takuya

It hasn't keyless entry, heated windscreen or a Bose sound system

So I purchased a Takuya and have got a Takuya

All tamper proof VIN stickers are present and correct

Quoted £125 for the service (Mazda Main Dealership)

They will also carry out 2 recalls, Tailgate (struts) and a drivers seat height adjuster modification

Many Thanks for the replies and advice

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