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Vehicle Entertainment / Navigation Systems / Re: FREE SAT NAV UPDATE
« Last post by hanix on Today at 07:52:02 PM »
How do I go about subscribing to Mazda Toolbox newsletters (free), so that I can be e-mailed when updates are available?

My email came from the MZD Connect Team and the updates were supplied by Naviextras.
Vehicle Entertainment / Navigation Systems / Re: FREE SAT NAV UPDATE
« Last post by moozmooz on Today at 06:53:00 PM »
I always take what "customer support advisors" (or whatever tag they come with) tell me with a huge pinch of salt I've been told some right codswallop over the years by Mazda service managers. They seem to work on the premise that if you're asking a question, you don't know so won't know any difference between fact and fiction.

Next time I have the SD card out, I'll see if I can get any information off it re backups/previous updates.
Exterior Lighting / Re: Question: Mazda 3 Hatchback & Sedan parts
« Last post by Willpower on Today at 03:28:47 PM »
Your answer is no..  The Gen 1 vehicle body styles Saloon vs Hatchback,  differed in many respects. Not the least of which was the bonnet and front panels. Because of these differences Saloon Headlights will not fit a hatchback or vice versa.  Sorry :)
Vehicle Entertainment / Navigation Systems / Re: 2017 DAB Radio
« Last post by IET on Today at 02:46:41 PM »
My 2016 Mazda MX5 ND has :-
OS Version 56.00.100 EU N
Music Database Version 00.05.000
Failsafe Version 56.00.100
The DAB radio does show information text about tracks being played.

My wifes 2017 Mazda 3 Sport Nav has:-
OS Version 59.00.443 EU N
Music Database Version 00.07.000
Failsafe Version 59.00.443
The DAB radio does NOT show information text about tracks being played.
Interesting to note that version 59.502 mention by “witty” should solve the problem in the our new Mazda 3

I take it updated version 59.502 “witty” mentions would probably read OS Version  59.00.502 EU N.

Would have thought Music Database Versions would be more relevant to  Music track text than the Operating System, but must say that I really am not technically competent in these matters and it could be that the one update version does both OS & Music database update.
Can anyone advise me if the software updates are different for the OS and the Music Database and should the Dealerships automatically include OS & Music Database software updates in annual Services?
Vehicle Entertainment / Navigation Systems / Re: FREE SAT NAV UPDATE
« Last post by IET on Today at 02:23:30 PM »
Went online to and clicking on "buying and owning"  / "owning" tab / "Sat Nav"/ "Mazda 3" /"MZD Connect" / "MZD-Connect-Support / "Manage my Updates" and I finally found this.

"3 year map update subscription:
Get the latest map to update your existing map or extend the coverage of your navigation device.
Visit back regularly to download all the released map updates during the next 36 months (maximum 2 updates per year) for free and install them to the same navigation device." 

Rang Mazda customer services and without mentioning my online search and they confirmed a maximum 2 free updates per year for 3 years. The customer support advisor also said that in the beginning updates were available around twice a year but lately only to maybe once a year with no fixed frequency. This reinforces "gknight9" comment not to hold your breath on frequency etc..   

Interesting and some what bewildered to note that "moozmooz" has managed more than two free map updates in one year!
Vehicle Electrics / Ground location
« Last post by Eastbay on Today at 12:59:55 PM »
Hi lads, just a quick question. I'm looking for a handy ground location around the fusebox (for the purpose of dashcam hardwiring). I don't dare to use the fusebox holding bracket itself for grounding, but there are two boltholes on the centre console's framework look suitable, right next to the pollen filters case . Is this a good idea, safe and sound? Thanks for any help.
(Sorry, photo attachment isn't available at this moment.)
Exterior Lighting / Question: Mazda 3 Hatchback & Sedan parts
« Last post by Djsp8ey on Today at 11:41:58 AM »
Hi everyone, I have a quick question about the fitment of Sedan headlights onto a Hatchback.

I have a Mazda 3 2.0 Sport and as things do with age they are faded on the top, yes I know I can go out and buy a restoration kit but I found this neat all black with dark/smoked chrome headlight on CARiD -
Rather than have the orange/amber reflector, the CARiD has a smoked white reflector for a subtle sort of stealth look but the issue here is that when selected it only has the option for Sedan which brings me back to the question of -

Will a Mk1 Mazda 3 Sedan for 2005 headlight fit the Mk1 Mazda 3 Hatchback 2005?
Vehicle Entertainment / Navigation Systems / Bluetooth FM Transmitter
« Last post by Tomk3 on Today at 09:58:36 AM »
Hi all,
I recently purchased a bluetooth fm transmitter off Amazon for my 2006 Mazda 3, I installed this last night, it runs of the cigarette lighter, but now whenever the used adapter is in the cigarette lighter my radio can't get any other stations. The only frequency that gets a good connection is the frequency the transmitter is tuned in to.
Any ideas on how to get my radio signal and the fm transmitter working in harmony???
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