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General Discussion / Seasons Greetings
« Last post by Willpower on Today at 10:24:48 AM »

To all our members.     Have a wonderful festive season and please drive carefully.

Mazda forums Admin Team   :) :)

Whether it's the same as a Mercedes or not is irrelevant. It's the fact that MMUK don't appear to know what they're selling that's worrying.

Exactly the response I gave to the lady on the Mazda UK Customer Hindrance Service Dept.
Whether it's the same as a Mercedes or not is irrelevant. It's the fact that MMUK don't appear to know what they're selling that's worrying.
I've spoken previously to Mazda regarding the poor sat-nav software. Their response was "it's the same as in a Mercedes", I cannot see a Merc driver putting up with the poor service.
The inherent problem with all mapping systems is updating and I'm unclear, as I imagine most of the population is, as to how road completion/opening is communicated to/picked up by the various mapping services. I know of a new bridge and associated roads that took over 18 months to appear on mapping systems. So updates are always going to be behind.

I, along with my 2005 3, was google mapped a couple of years ago while parked in a local hotel car park. Two hundred yards away, I can go along a street which starts off the same vintage as my capture, then changes to something around 5 years older. Bizarre.

As to continually "upgrading" (sales speak if ever I heard it), as someone who is not fused to their phone by the thumbs, and who uses it almost exclusively as a phone, there's little prospect of me, and an ever increasing number of people, changing my phone unless I either have to, or see a major benefit.

Bluetooth's fine for answering, or more usually not answering, a call when I'm driving. As for the rest of the whistles and bells, most are more of a distraction than a benefit, and continue to be a major contribution to careless driving. If you're driving, drive.
Point taken regards plugging a phone in but having used various built in and stand alone sat navs they always have the same issue. The manufacturers interest ends when money changes hands, they'll put some updates out for a few years...longer if you pay them and do the bare minimum. After the car/system is no longer the current may as well not exist.

This is why plugging a phone in is a good idea, your nav is updated overnight while you charge, everytime you upgrade your phone your nav is updated to be faster and more powerful. Also it does the basics right, so I can press a button on the steering wheel and say "navigate to sr7 9la" and it will..or '3 station road Sunderland" and it can decode that as well. You can tell it "navigate to nearest shell garage" and it can..and there's decent chance it won't have closed 5 years ago as it's linked to Google's business listings. Tbf I could also tell it what music I want it to play  to text/call someone and that works as well.

Maybe something like Vauxhalls on star with its 4g connection would be better updated but the problems you are having are ones have followed built in Sat navs around for a long time.
If you think progress is having your smartphone plugged in to your car to get a working sat nav, I'd have to disagree.

The whole point of having a standalone system, whether inbuilt or add on, is it's simplicity. The fact that Mazda, among others, appears to have opted for a system that is cumbersome to update is what's at issue here, not whether it's bang up to date, which is a problem with just about any system you can name. Google maps and Bing maps are no better.

I travel regularly along part of what is described as the UK's biggest current road project, or fiasco if you actually know it. It'll be interesting to see how long it takes for my system to update when it's eventually completed, as I'm frequently driving off road according to madam.

The particular issue with Mazda is that MMUK don't appear to have a clue what they're selling, so can't provide the customer support that you're paying for. There's no excuse for that.

How long does the noise last? Does it stop as soon as you begin to centre the steering, or when the steering's centred.

It won't be the 12 mph clunk. I'm pretty sure that was unique to the first 3s and I certainly haven't experienced it I my 2016 3. In any case, it only happens once after you start the engine when you exceed about 12mph - bit like a POST.

The easiest way to eliminate DSC is to disable it and check again.

If it's not DSC, you're left with the electronic power steering, or there's something rubbing somewhere. Check for anything lodged around the front wheel/suspension. I had a similar noise on a car years ago. Turned out to be a biggish stone that I'd picked up and was rubbing the wheel rim when the steering got to a particular angle.
I've just got/sold my Mazda 3 / Re: Hello World
« Last post by Willpower on December 15, 2017, 05:08:37 PM »
Welcome to the forum.  You are probably right there are distinct areas covering almost every eventuality.  So have a look around and ask away. :)
Hi and Welcome to the forum. I have moved your posting to the correct board for the subject. If you look at the index for  Steering/Suspension/Brakes , you will see that there are many threads covering the topics included in your posting.

I would doubt that a 2015 car would have a problem with steering or suspension joints, however you have not mentioned the mileage.   I would suspect that what you are hearing can be attributed to a couple of things, which are "normal" for Mazda 3's
Firstly there is a faint "clunk" when starting off. This is usually referred to as the "12mph clunk"  as it generally occurs at that speed.   

Quoting myself from  9 years ago       
The 12mph clunk, has been attributed to one of two sources.

Yes it does sound like a metal rod striking a plate. It usually emanates from the passenger side towards the front of the engine. However there is nothing likely to make that noise located in that area so I feel it is just a transmission of noise from another area.

Firstly it was thought to be a function of the Aircon unit, but that was dismissed because although most models experienced the "clunk" not all had Aircon / Climate Control.
The next suggestion has been the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) coming online.  This made more sense as the "clunk" does only appear after some movement at about 12mph.
It has never been accused of being Drive Shaft Click noise.

I have had this clunk from day one, brand new, 4 years ago. I have spoken to my dealership about it on more than one occasion since then, they have even spent time ensuring that there is nothing else making the noise. So I would say that given the number of people who have heard this and further given that nothing unfortunate has happened because of it, then the noise is quite benign and is nothing to stress about.   

Secondly the "slinky" sound you could be hearing is the "sliding spanner"  noise

Another quote from 5 years ago   
This could conceivably be the renowned "Sliding Spanner" syndrome.  If it seems only to be when your DSC is on.
A question.  How is the tread on your front tyres?  It may seem to be an odd question but bear with me.

If the tread on your tyre is beginning to lose grip during a turn (especially at speed) then the DSC will try to ease off on the power to the outside wheel to retain contact and traction with the road surface. This also happens when turning around a fast bend when on a wet road surface during rain. It all depends upon the amount of good tyre tread in contact.
So if the DSC thinks you may be losing traction it will adjust. When it does this there is a distinct noise that I compare to a spanner sliding across inside the engine compartment.
Could this be what you are hearing ? If so check you tyres.

If these events match your sounds then problem solved.  However in relation to the DSC  item, as mentioned I would take a look at your tyre tread.   

Otherwise I would suggest using the search facility from the HOME page. Remember Search is your friend   
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