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3 weeks of ownership.
« on: May 12, 2012, 09:03:05 PM »
Well, coming into my 4th week of ownership of the mazda. Reviews so far, I have the saloon because i prefer the looks first of all. Maybe i'm just being biased? Anyway i previously had a 2005 mk2 Renault Clio dCi 80. With it being french it actually was a really good car, fun to drive once mapped, but was a bit to small for my liking especially with the family taxi'ing i do. Enough of the Clio, i started looking for a bigger car, mainly vectras, passats, A4s. I seen a very clean mazda 6 TS in black for a good price, but no proof of any history and when i rang mazda they had no data of the car and asked me to find out if it had a private plate. Meanwhile i did take it for a test drive, a pretty big car it is with a stupid massive boot space. With it being a 1.8 it did feel a tad underpowered, my clio felt alot quicker and probably was. So with no history and the previous owner not having a clue, i walked right away.

Browsing around a certain garage looking at a Skoda Octavia Vrs, i decided to go back home. As i was walking back across the garage i seen a silver Mazda, so i went to have a quick peek about. Looking at the visuals and thinking it was a sporty 6 at first i investigated further and realised it was a Mazda 3 Sport Saloon, first i knew. Really liking the look i got the keys and had a look inside. First impressions was the interior, very funky, so i turned ignition on and fired her up first time. My last petrol was a 1.2 corsa so it sounded a lot better lol. You know the rest from here.

So... my opinion on this car (finally hes stopped talking poo) is a really good refined car. May i say a LOT of car for the money, people still say jesus how did you afford this??? The ride is smooth and with the right tyres not much road noise, with it only being the 2nd petrol i've owned i think it sits pretty low down in the rev range at 70mph and will cruise at 80 without the engine screaming. MPG around is the doors is pretty poor but i dont really care tbh, as on a long run it'll easily do 34+.  Its no worse than a 1.2 corsa, seriously. The Mazda goes pretty well when you use it rightly, i really like 3rd for some reason  ;D. Xenons are a added bonus, they really suit the car down to the ground and the sound system (Bose) is awesome for factory standard. Just need the Xcarlink for my Ipod lol. I did find a little water in the boot, soaking through the carpet and down into the spare wheel well. It turned out to be the The flexible rubber piping that covers the electrical harness from the body to the rear electrical components, i just popped it back into where it belongs and all was good. Thanks to Willpower for mentioning that in the thread on that problem! I am new to saloons so the no rear screen wiper and the sloped windscreen i have learned to just use the mirrors for reversing/parking as the window is pretty useless lol. In June when i drive down to Cornwall, i really cannot wait for the drive, as i think it will mile munch in comfort  ;D. I plan on changing the oil and filter every 6 months and a big service every year to keep things right. I really recommend this car, it is a lot of car for the money, with the tax being a hefty £285 maybe this partly why? i know i payed £20 a year!!!! on the clio makes me feel sick at times lol. But hopefully the maintenance will cover that  ;D.

Happy safe and problem free motoring for all you!

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3 weeks of ownership.
« on: May 12, 2012, 09:03:05 PM »