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Vehicle Electrics / Re: Auto Door Locks (when driving from stationary)
« Last post by Willpower on Today at 04:10:59 PM »
I don't think Mazda have ever included that option on any of the UK spec 3's 
I've just got/sold my Mazda 3 / Re: New Member - First Mazda
« Last post by Geoffers on Today at 01:02:54 PM »
Thanks Willpower!

I did notice that post when I was browsing the forum and didn’t want to get a telling off by uploading directly to the site 😎

I’ll get an account sorted on photobucket and get the on.

Cheers 👍
Vehicle Electrics / Auto Door Locks (when driving from stationary)
« Last post by Geoffers on Today at 09:25:19 AM »
Morning all,

Recently picked up our new Mazda 3 (2014 Sport Nav) and been playing worth the settings and can’t find anything about the auto locking of the doors when driving away. I have done a bit of searching and thought I found the answer but it turned out to be for the American version.

Does anyone know if the doors can be made to self lock at 12mph (like the American versions?  Even if it is a dealer option only,l.  Thanks!

I've just got/sold my Mazda 3 / Re: New Member - First Mazda
« Last post by Geoffers on Today at 09:01:01 AM »
Thanks for the welcome 👍

Finally picked up the new (to us) Mazda 3.  Need to get myself a photo hosting account and will get some pics up.

Vehicle Electrics / Question regarding windscreen sensors
« Last post by Ste7en on Yesterday at 05:09:27 PM »
I had a new windscreen fitted and I was told the sensors behind the mirror would need to be realigned. I was told this would be done as part of the job. But I don't think it does anything any more. I can try it out at work by slowly driving into a Laurel bush that edges the car park. Before the new windscreen was fitted the car stopped and made a loud vibration noise. Now it doesn't do anything, I could drive straight through it and nothing would happen... I think.

Is there a way to get it checked out?

Also, the top wires on our rear window do not seem to demist. It seems odd as the one up top does work and all the ones below. Just the middle 2 - 5 on the top cluster. It is a pain because we are getting a front / rear dashcam fitted on Wednesday and I suspect they wanted to mount it 'up top'. Is it an easy fix with some of that conductive paint?
Wheels/Tyres / 18ins Wheels
« Last post by 3spav on Yesterday at 02:47:25 PM »
Apologies to bring up the 18ins wheel and tyre saga again, I'm new to Mazda and the fronts on my 2018 2.2D Auto Sport Nav will need replacing soon. Has anyone come up with an economical replacement ? 
Having read members comments it seems that the 18ins wheel's only attribute is that it looks good! Poor ride, noise, wear and cost of replacement make me consider changing to smaller wheels. 
I think that the standard 16ins wheel will fit and it seems economical to buy replacement wheels and tyres at this stage and benefit from then on. Does anyone know of any problems as a result of changing? 
Alternatively, is it possible to change to 17ins wheels as this might have less impact on looks ??  I do see adverts for Maz3 17ins alloys.
I'd much appreciate any guidance.
Mazda 3 / Re: Complete Mazda Beginner - Looking for the right car
« Last post by Engineer Andy on November 16, 2018, 02:44:10 PM »

I was mainly looking at the 1.6 Petrols. I've seen some TS2s with less than 60 Thousand miles that look in good nick from the photos.

 I've seen only one 07 in my price range but its well over 100 miles away near London (Based outside of bham) And that is just barely in my price range as it is.

Thanks for your help so far!

I own a pre-facelift mk1 (late 2005 build/55reg) 1.6p TS2 saloon with about the mileage you're looking for.  Very nice car overall, excellent handling, lots more TSs about than TS2s - the main difference is that the TS2 has climate control (great) over manual A/C plus (UK spec cars - mine's a Euro spec with some differences) TC and SC, as well as a leather steering wheel.  Their price seems to vary quite a bit (probably condition and mileage) between just under a Grand to £2k - £2.5k (often from indie dealers).  In my view, go by condition, whether it's got a FSH (some may only be available electronically from Mazda - you'll need permission from the car owner to see it) and a decent MOT history.

Things to watch out for:
1. Significant rust/corrosion in and around the wheel arches - mine's ok for its age, but I've seen a few who have serious issues - more the earlier build cars.  The facelift came at March 2006, not sure if additional rust-proofing was fitted later on as well, but the facelift ones seem to fair better.
2. Uneven wear on brakes and/or binding brakes - often a sign of a lack of use (low mileage).  Even though mine is, I use it often enough on longer trips to keep it good nick, though I have had to had some new pads and discs in the last 2-3 years.  Can be quite expensive if you replace them at dealerships, probably quite a bit cheaper via reputable indies.
3. The chain cam engine is very hardy, but MUST see decent quality oil and fluids at least yearly/12.5k miles as per the handbook.  Mine feels almost as good as new.
4. The OEM alloy wheels will corrode, more so than (in my view) on equivalent Hondas and Toyotas.  I chose (recently - see the thread) to replace mine with 15in OEMs as they were vastly cheaper (see the Mazda website - Accessories) than the 16in ones (almost half the price) as my tyres were nearly due for replacement anyway and the corroded alloys were leading to slow leaks of the tyres.  Possible to downsize like this on the TS and TS2, not on the Sport (larger brakes, 17in rims) in the same way.  Tyres (unlike the mk3) are standard (common) sizes and are amongst the cheapest and widely available.

From my (albeit limited) experience of seeing both pre and post facelift mk1s, far more of the post facelift cars are Takaya or Sport (special edition) models (including the 1.6p, but mostly 2.0 petrols and quite a few diesels) on the road, whereas most pre-facelift cars are mostly 1.6p TSs and some TS2s, plus a good number of diesels.  Probably why you're finding it more difficult to source a post-facelift 1.6p TS/TS2.  Lots more hatches around than saloons - the hatch has far better boot access, although its about 50 - 60 ltrs smaller and about 10-15cm shorter overall.  Saloons tend to go for less for the same spec - but I like the looks far more.

BTW - mine's not for sale at the moment!
Vehicle Electrics / Re: Battery replacement
« Last post by hanix on November 16, 2018, 12:30:53 PM »
Absolutely, Even a small ripple can play merry hell with a cars electronics.The backup battery can be quite small as there is very little current demand with every thing switched off.
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