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Pollen filter change with pics

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Did the Pollen filter change the other day, took some pics in case anyone was interested.  I decided to do this from the passenger side as it was easier to get at.

Steps I took

1. Remove glove box
2. remove fuse panel (easier access)
3. Replace filters

Step A

Pop out the Piano black strip. It is easier if the glove box is open. Take care on the end bit as its a hook and not a press on tab

Step B

Undo the screws marked. and pull glove box towards you, the whole unit comes off. Undo the glove box light screw on top (sorry no pic).

Step C

Undo the pop reverts circled and remove the side trims

Step D

Remove the cover for the fuse panel

Step E

Remove this screw now as it makes it easier to reach before the fuse panel is lowered

Step F

Undo the two locks and lower the fuse panel

Step G

Pop out the whole fuse panel from the metal bracket to give you a bit of room to work

Then undo the two bolts and drop the bracket down. You don't need to take it out completely,
just dropping it down will give easy access to the screws of the filter compartment

Step H

Undo the srews circled

Step I

Remove the filter. take note of the triangle, the point should always face the cabin side
not the engine side.

Picture of inside the filter compartment.....good idea to vacuum it and disinfect it you can

Diagram of filter install.

Reverse the steps to connect it all back.

Well done Talon.  Topic Stickied

Top marks mate, very useful info.

BJ the exile:
Excellent Talon thanks, just bullied ( asked ) my sone into doing it before the 18k service   ;D ;D

How much was new filter unit ?

Nice one! Excellent walk through...


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