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Smell when air con or heater

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I noticed a smell inside the car when the air con or the heating system is on , anyone offer any advise as to what it may be?

Stop collecting takeaways in the car. ! !      >:D >:D >:D

On a more serious note.  What sort of smell ?   We need more info. You're not giving us much to go on.

It smells a bit like that smell you get when your car it ticking and you are close by the exhaust and the fumes are coming from the exhaust.

If it smells like exhaust fumes ( your signature shows you have a diesel so should smell like a diesel)) then i’d probably be checking the exhaust along its entire length. If it is exhaust gas i would expect a crack very close to engine / manifold area for it to be finding its way into the cabin air intake. Saying that I would also expect that if this was the problem it would diminish with increasing speed as external airflow should dissipate the exhaust gas more.

You could also have a crack in the heating loop but that would smell like antifreeze I guess (no idea what that smells like)

I’m no mechanic though so these are just my best guesses

The 1.6 d is known for leaks at the turbo. Amar on here had one, it was literally a case of rev it with bonnet up its usually visible.

However if just mean you can smell heat, it could just be the element burning off crap if it hasn't been used at high heat for a while. But you'd expect that to clear quickly and stop smelling.


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