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Re: 80 to 108 !!!
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I looked in two owners manuals:
Thanks for taking the time...

No mention in either manual about alloy versus steel wheels but if any models came with steel I would have thought the torque should be different.
Makes sense to me...

Mine has alloys but no idea what torque has been used.
Doesn't exactly inspire confidence in what the mechanic was working to, I've yet to see a mechanic calibrate or even regulate the torque on his nut runner. Being a retired Airworthiness Inspector the "one size fits all" mentality doesn't sit well with me...

PS I just noticed the OP's name and flag!
Aye, and thereby hangs a tale...

PS2 Google found some tyre supplier recommendations:
Continental Tyres chart (2015, USA)            Torque in Nm
                                                          Steel rim     Alloy rim **
Mazda all current types – except *        103             103
* CX-5, 3 2013>, 6 2013>                     128                –
* MX-5                                                    98               98
** Please observe different specifications of rim manufacturer where required.
Pure Tyre (2018, UK)
Wheel Nut Torque setting for: 09 - 14 Mazda Mazda 3
(All tyre options)
Torque:  103 NM,  76.0 ft-lb
So 103 N.m falls nicely into the 2010 set of Mazda values whereas the Continental 128 N.m for steel is in the middle of the 2013 range. I would be inclined to go for 103 N.m unless I found specific advice to go higher for my alloy rims.

More confused than ever now  ;) 76ft/lbs would be lower than the minimum torque in the M3 Manual  :-\

I guess asking Mazda would only finish up referring us back to Chapter 7 verse 19...

Odd how this curiosity hasn't been run to ground before ?

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Re: 80 to 108 !!!
« Reply #15 on: Yesterday at 04:29:26 PM »