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Air Condition re-charge problems - Air still warm.

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Hi folks

With this warmer weather I turned on my air-con and it was blowing out hot/warm air. I read some threads that it may need re-charged (not been done since I got car 5 years ago) so bought a refill kit and decided to fill system.

I only pressed trigger twice for a couple of seconds and gauge showed that the system was now at correct pressure. Went inside car to check how cold the air was and it was still warm. Left it running at the lowest setting for about 15 min, air got a bit cooler but not cold. Don't want to add more gas to system incase it takes me into the amber/red areas on gauge.

Can anyone give me some pointers about what else could be wrong with system?


When you activate the system do you hear the compressor engage? Any leaks since topping up? Also do the main radiator fans activate (under the bonnet) on mine if the AC is on the fans run independent of engine temp.

Do you only use the AC in hot weather is it possible the AC clutch has seized in disengaged position?

Also is the refrigerant you've added the correct grade? Not sure what the proper one is but they aren't all the same.

Other half is away with car at the moment, will check those things you suggest when she returns. Used R134a gas which I was told was correct one. Thing that puzzled me was it only took two presses of trigger to get correct pressure. In the videos on you-tube they seem to be pressing trigger more often.

Never done one myself usually drop it into a garage so couldn't comment I'm afraid so not sure about the trigger presses.

As it's currently 8pm and 25 degrees in Newcastle with humidity that makes getting out of the car like stepping into a sauna..

For some reason this thread came to mind, did you get sorted?


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