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Vehicle Entertainment / Navigation Systems / Re: Dab Question
« Last post by moozmooz on June 18, 2018, 11:45:13 PM »
I normally end up on DAB by accident due to the weird set up of the Mazda radio controls on the Gen 3. My area certainly isn't great for reception, but even when I do get a good signal, it's just not worth bothering with. It sounds like it's coming through an old sock. No sharpness.
Good to hear it's finally fixed, but bloody awful that a succession of "mechanics" couldn't work through the problem logically and rectify the fault correctly at much less cost and inconvenience to you.
Mazda 3 / Re: The new mazda 3?
« Last post by moozmooz on June 18, 2018, 11:35:14 PM »
It extends to many people well over 30.

If people have no interest in driving, they shouldn't be behind the wheel. Or they should have the "safety car" I remember someone advocating several years ago, when people were getting complacent because of improvements in car safety. The car was built on a balsa wood frame with tissue paper panels and a ruddy great spike in the steering wheel hub. It would certainly make most think twice about the way they drive.

AEB's fairly limited so far. SCBS on the 3 only operates if the speed differential between your vehicle and the vehicle in front is below 15km/h. Radar cruise control has it's advantages, but it's too easy for drivers to get lulled into thinking the system should do the work, and they can nod off. You may have seen the Asian gentleman who was caught being naughty with his Tesla recently on a motorway a few weeks back.

The idea of having video functions locked off is fine if it works. My son was behind a car recently where he could see the driver was watching a film on his phone, while his car drifted all over the place.
A while back I was behind a car that seemed a bit  busy. When we got alongside the vehicle in traffic, the first thing we noticed was the noise. Mobile phone conversation blasting so loud pedestrians were turning their heads. Laptop on passenger seat, and paper files being pulled to and from the rear seat. From what we heard of the conversation, the lady driver was a sales rep of some sort, conducting her business while driving at the same time both on a dual carriageway at 70mph, then in busy city streets. And where are the police when you want to give them a heads up?

It's even more entertaining, if that's the right expression, if I travel to town by bus. The things you see when you're looking down into cars or across into trucks. Scary.
Steering/Suspension/Brakes / Re: Rear shock absorber top mount
« Last post by Willpower on June 18, 2018, 08:54:25 PM »
My rear shock absorber top mounts seem to last about 18 months. 

That incredible ! !    My 2004 Gen 1 is still on it's original shock absorbers and has passed every MOT including the last one at 14 years old.  And the mountings are fine.  I'm astonished    :o :o
Vehicle Lighting / Re: Day time running lights
« Last post by Willpower on June 18, 2018, 08:48:44 PM »
To my knowledge. No you cannot turn them off. No there is not a turn on by default setting that you can alter.   

If you have seen "New" cars without DRL's then there are a few of scenarios.

  • If the headlamps are turned on then the DRL's will extinguish, they are meant to.
  • They will have been physically disconnected (Which is breaking the law). 
  • They have suffered a bulb failure.  Also illegal and an MOT failure if submitted to an MOT in that condition.

This may be of some interest to you

Also see reply  #3  above. Regarding item As far as I am aware Mazda have not provided a switch to manually switch the lights off. Probably working on the principle that they consider being on all the time (subject to conditions) is safer for us as drivers. 

Vehicle Lighting / Re: Day time running lights
« Last post by Engineer Andy on June 18, 2018, 08:03:45 PM »
Can they be either temporarily or permanently turned off?

The answer is not legally.  EU  and UK legislation dictates that they were made compulsory on all new cars from the date of the introduction.  There was never any consideration given to DRL's where fitted, being optional on/off.

To clarify - does this mean, like the stop-start system, you can physically turn them off manually in the car, but next time you start it up the system defaults back to 'on' again?  Its just that I've seen a lot of cars (not necessarily Mazdas) with DRLs off that are obviously quite new, and others that have had partial LED failures after seemingly a short period (1 - 2 years).  Seems an awful waste of money and battery power/bulbs outside of low light conditions or more generally in winter when the days are shorter and the weather more dull.
Wheels/Tyres / Re: what tyres?
« Last post by Engineer Andy on June 18, 2018, 07:58:44 PM »
Really did not like the Dunlops on my 2014 Sport 3, but as while were more than legal I have had the Michelin Pilot Sport 4's fitted to the front. Seem pretty good so far, certainly less road noise but not really tried them in the wet yet.

The Pilot Sport's are a very sporty tyre with a larger contact area (they look squared off at edges) and so will be less comfortable than a similar tyre with rounded off edges, but you get great grip.  Michelins are normally good on most fronts though (as I'm finding with my new CrossClimates), which is why they are normally quite pricey.  I would keep an eye out on the Tyre Reviews website for new tyres coming to market, given yours (presumably the rare size combo18in tyres) may only last a couple of years or 20k miles tops, given they are high performance tyres.  Some of the 'mid-range' tyre manufacturers (often significantly cheaper than Michelin, Bridgestone and Contis) like Hankook, Falken and others can often come up with a very decent alternative at a reasonable price.
Vehicle Entertainment / Navigation Systems / Re: Dab Question
« Last post by Engineer Andy on June 18, 2018, 07:48:49 PM »
My coverage is pretty good. I get the odd break in service and the volume is lower than FM. Probably because of my age, my hearing is considerably less sensitive than it was so I can't tell the difference in quality between DAB and FM

I find that (assuming a good signal for both) FM radio is 'brighter' than the sound from a DAB radio station, as the bit rate for UK DAB stations is not that high (i.e. its quite compressed and lossy - not terrible, but noticeable).  Admitedly my car only has FM/AM but my mini hifi has that and DAB, but it is hooked up to a decent roof aerial installation for both.
Steering/Suspension/Brakes / Re: Rear shock absorber top mount
« Last post by mnevis on June 18, 2018, 07:21:14 PM »
My rear shock absorber top mounts seem to last about 18 months.  Does anybody know of any modification available to rectify this?   The ones I am using are in a KYB Europe box and stamped with the FORD logo so presumably they are genuine parts bearing in mind the link with Mazda and Ford.  My vehicle is a 2005 Mazda 3 1.6L petrol manual.  The car is driven carefully with regard to  speed bumps and potholes all over the roads.
The rear discs have covered about 65,000 miles in my ownership in the last 3.5 years.  Rear pads have been fitted in that time.  I presume these are the original brake discs from new.  The discs were fitted at 152,000 miles.  The original fault was the handbrake was sticking on earlier this year 2018.   The mechanic diagnosed a faulty handbrake cable.  It looked in good condition when removed.  Mechanic said it may have been freezing on in the sheath that enclosed it during the very cold freezing weather.  The wheel that was affected was the right-hand rear.  A new cable did not cure the fault so mechanic said change rear discs and pads.  He said the discs were 'ropey' and the pads were well worn down.  It was an improvement but to my mind the handbrake efficiency did not feel right.  The car did pass the MOT test the day after these parts were fitted. I am not a novice having been driving for over 50 years and I am former motor trade.   After driving about 1500 miles with the new parts fitted the handbrake seemed to become less effective but worse than that there was a severe vibration when braking at any speed.  The steering wheel vibrated violently and the vibration also seemed to be coming through the seat.   Upon checking the road wheels by touch for heat I found the right-hand rear wheel to be red hot.  The other three were at a normal temperature.   While this was going it seemed that the rear brakes were on.   Driving the car from cold was ok but once warmed up the back brakes seemed to drag.  Seized caliper obviously.   No doubt the original fault.  Replaced the caliper and problem solved.   At another garage, my usual garage man was going on holiday and I could not wait a week for the repair to be carried out.    I have driven about 400 miles since the caliper was fitted and there does not seem to be any warping of the disc.

Admin Note :
I have removed the paragraph about the rear shock absorber mountings as you have already posted this question in another section.;topicseen#msg115614

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